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The Formation of The New Generation

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1 The Formation of The New Generation on Fri Dec 10, 2010 8:15 pm

Sitting on a steel folding chair, in the public female locker room, is Kim Anderson. The blondie brown haired woman is wearing a black leather mini skirt with a black unzipped leather jacket, that reveals the violet bra the female is wearing. Kim looked at the ceiling, seeming to not be bothered by the camerman recording her. But it only took a few seconds before the Canadian glanced over to the camera, that is broadcasting the footage to the titiantron, and smiled in her sweet way towards him before starting to speak.

Kim: Hello everyone. My name is Kim Anderson and if you've ever watched PWA then you know that I am the reason why you're giving ArcheType Wrestling a chance. While if you never watched a wrestling show in your life then I am the reason why you're watching ArcheType Wrestling instead of some APW.

After saying that the young female smiled again. Kim then stood up, took off the jacket and neatly folded it before placing it on the seat. Afterwards the female looked back at the camera and stretched her arms out.

Kim: Its no secret that I am from Canada and that I have already done what I wanted to do in wrestliing. But I feel like I could achieve more then just a single title reign...I admit that defeating Phenom is agruably the greatest moment of my life and young career yet I think I can pull this further and enhanced who I am. Instead of just being a face that once held gold I want to be known this season for being part of a new entity that could not only take ATW by storm but also rocket launch ATW into the Intercontinental level of wrestling. We will be like the Whisper in the Wind and the True Essence of Excellence. We will be like the Dudleyz fused with the Machine Guns and the Hardyz.

After saying her words describing this 'new entity' Kim lightly grinned before running her right hand through her hair. Once she did this Anderson spoke up yet again.

Kim: If we fail then you can slate me all you like but I garantee you that we shall become the first ever Double Helix Tag Team Championshp. We are...

Suddenly the young Canadian female stopped herself from finishing her line. Instead of explaning why Kim smiled sweetly again before saying.

Kim: I'll let my partner tell you who we are.

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2 Re: The Formation of The New Generation on Thu Dec 16, 2010 4:42 pm

Suddenly a shady figure walks behind Kim and rest it's hands on the chair where Kim is sitting. The cameraman pulls back revealing that the shady figure is Wildthing!!!

Wildthing: Don't be jealous anyone. I myself had to go through channels to be with this lovely and skillful fox.

Wildthing grins and lower his shades to look at Kim for a second. Then raises back up.

Wildthing: There is no doubt in my mind that we will become the first tag team champions in this fed. Oh there was something that I wanted to give to Kim as a late Holiday gift.

Wildthing pulls out an expensive diamond and gold necklage from his pocket and gently attaches the necklace around Kim's neck.

Wildthing: Who says that I don't have a soft side? [grins] I am like a Samurai, I have both a soft and strong side to me, a perfect balance. Oh I was going to save this for our first victory but what the hell, this seems like an important occassion; the premier of our tag team.

Wildthing pulls out two chilled glasses from under his leather jacket and pull out an old looking bottle from a chilled lunch box.

Wildthing: I was kind of lucky to get my hands on this bottle. Very expensive, even though it may look old. It is one of the bottles that had survived in the shipwreck of the 1907 Heidsieck. Values worth, more than a quarter of a million American Dollars.

The echoes from the crowd are in awes of what Wildthing just did. Wildthing opens the bottle and pours two glasses full and hands one to Kim.

Wildthing: Now that the gift has been given back to business. There hasn't been a day during the off season where me and Kim have been training on our new move The Jack in the Box. Which I will let Kim describe exactly what it is.

[Kim> Please cont. the rp please Smile]

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3 Re: The Formation of The New Generation on Tue Dec 21, 2010 8:27 pm

When Wildthing lowered his shades the young Canadian looked up to see his eyes. And while the male spoke his next few words Anderson looked straight at the camera, recording them. She was both surprised and very flattered by the diamond and gold necklace that Wild has put around her neck and lightly smiled.

Kim: Thank you.

Anderson smiled again after saying that while feeling impressed with his knowledge about this expensive bottle. She politely accepted the glass and took a sip out of it while Wildthing spoke about what they did during the off season. After hearing the male's last few words Kim carefully placed the glass on her lap before beginning to explain the 'Jack In The Box'.

Kim: Thanks for the drink, its wonderful. But it won't be as destructive as the 'Jack In The Box' starts with me grabbing the victim in a front headlock before having their arm over the back of my neck. The next thing that happens is that I lift them up, kind of like a suplex. But then the victim's legs gets caught by Wild.

Once she said all that the Canadian female took another sip out of the glass before putting it back on her young lap.

Kim: Now here's the bit that I found enjoyable. While I continue to hold the victim's head I fall down but then Wildthing drops them so that their neck would crash heavily onto the mat.

Anderson glanced up at Wildthing, with a slight smile on her face, before looking directly at the camera recording them. Thinking that Wild might have something else to say.

[can you add a reply of your own please Wildthing? It can involve your view towards the match if you like, it can also just be the end of the thread if that is what you wish
I also hope that the reply is good enough ^_^]

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4 Re: The Formation of The New Generation on Wed Dec 22, 2010 3:52 am

Wildthing looks down at Kim then back at the camera with a grin on his face

Wildthing: She's not only beautiful, but deadly as well. So I'd say you better watch out ATW because there is a new tag team here ready to give out pain! Oh and also destruction and mayhem.

Wildthing pulls out a can of spray paint and begins to spray black paint on the camera.

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