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You're not called Peach now. But I'm not gonna ruin it for you.

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A shot is shown of the room that is now familiar as being Peach's locker room. As per usual he is sat at his computer with music blasting out of his speakers. It's evident that the man in the giant peach suit is busy concentrating on the computer screen. The door to the room is seen to be opened and the GM of ATW, Phenom walks into the room. He opens his mouth as if calling to Peach but the music drowns his voice out. Phenom looks around the room then picks up a small glass bottle that is lying empty on the brown leather sofa. He hurls it towards the speakers causing lots of sparks to be given off and stopping the music. Peach jumps to his feet in shock and turns towards Phenom.

Peach: Dude! What the hell? Why did you do that?

Phenom just smiles at the disgruntled brit.

Phenom: Because I can. Now, shut up! I've got something to tell you. I just know you're going to love it.

Peach sighs to himself.

Peach: What is it?

Phenom: Well you know your little poll on last week's show?

Peach: Yeah? Where is this going?

Phenom: Well the results are in.

The GM chuckles to himself.

Phenom: I almost don't want to ruin this for you!

Peach: Eugh, come on! You've started it now so you might as well finish it!

Phenom laughs even harder as Peach slumps into his seat.

Phenom: That's settled it! You'll find out your new ring name as it's announced.

Peach: I've got a match tonight?

Phenom: Did I not tell you? Oh, sorry about that. I must have been too busy being awesome to remember something so menial. Anyways, get ready!

Peach gets up to his feet.

Phenom: You won't need that suit! Man do you look stupid in it!

With that statement Phenom turns and walks out of the room with a sadistic smile on his face as Peach begins to attempt taking the giant peach suit off. The camera fades to black.

OOC: I don't have permission to godmod exactly but I'm sure Phenom won't mind. I think I captured his character as an egotistical vampiruh pretty well. I'll delete this if he doesn't like it.

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