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Newton's 3rd Law (If you get why the title is called that please tell me.)

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Eternal Eclipse

Eternal Eclipse
*Eternal Eclipse is seen backstage with his father. EE face is red and furious. Cater Bilodeau Sr. keeps his cool calm gaze locked on EE and his ranting.*

Eternal Eclipse: Everything that has gone wrong in my life leads a paper trail back to you. I try hard you know, I might not show it, but have tried to hide it from everyone in the world. It seems that your constant interference in my life cause my eventual downfall. I have never achieved anything! All my life I travel across the world and visit exotic places and amazing people! Not once has it gotten me anywhere in my life! All of it eventually leads back to you!

Carter Bilodeau Sr.: How can you possibly consider that I caused every problem in your life?

*Eternal Eclipse is breaking down.*

Eternal Eclipse: After mom died I had no one there to help or guide me! You neglected me! Your own son...your only son! What did that achieve!? A few hundred million!? Was that really worth it!

Carter Bilodeau Sr.: I did the best I could for you and your mother!

*EE violently grabs his father.*

Eternal Eclipse: Then why weren't you at her funeral?

*Silence passes the room for a few short moments. EE's father is cannot answer.*

Eternal Eclipse: That is what I thought. Make up any excuse you want. The most important part of my life was my childhood, and you were to busy to be a part of it! The money was fine expense for my happiness, but you do not know what it is like to grow up without the guidance of a father. Now I am emotionally screwed up forever!

Carter Bilodeau Sr.: There is really nothing I can do or say anymore to make up for what I have done. You cannot accuse me for being the cause of everything in your life that goes wrong.

Eternal Eclipse: I know. Sometimes you just need to let things go. But that does not mean I forgive you for anything. You hurt me and now I must ask you to leave!

Carter Bilodeau Sr.: If that's how it is, then I will leave.

*Carter Bilodeau Sr. makes his way out the doorway. He turns one last time to EE.*

Carter Bilodeau Sr.: I love you.

*Eternal Eclipse slams the door shut.*


OOC: I can only assume the title is a reference to this guy, Newton, who has stolen one of CAJ's catchphrases:

"Jackson's 3rd Law states that for every Action there are people who are jealous of the Action."


Eternal Eclipse

Eternal Eclipse
No it was Sir Isaac Newton whom came up with the term "For every action there is an opposite reaction". I did it to show how through EE's life and everyone's child hood,, that what a parent does to raise them, reacts to how to come adults.





No see Nedman has got it right. Newton took the wording from me and changed it.

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