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New lessons to learn

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1 New lessons to learn on Sat Jan 08, 2011 7:59 pm

The smell of sulfer hangs in the air as the camera focuses on Wolvian. He is standing infront of a throne made entirely of Black Diamonds. The four Paladins are nealt before him. Wolvian begins to speak.

Wolvian: Last week your loss to the All Apple Tart Orginization was a very calculated performance. The actually thought they won on there own merit! But with every loss that I force you Paladins to lose to them. It lets me gather more and more information to how they move in and out of the ring. How they pull off there finishers. When they perform there taunts. Every single thing they do to you Paladins is recorded and when it comes time for me to destroy them....

Wolvian turns and sits down on his throne. The Paladins bow there heads and begin to pray to him.

Wolvian: I will be able to attack there weak points and dodge there best moves. Knowledge is power! and my dear Paladins they have know Idea what they have gotten themselves into.

Wolvian begins to let out an evilish laugh that turns the air cold in the very depths of this hellish sauna. The Candles in the room begin to flicker in the wind.

Wolvian: For I am War, Prepare your souls, For they belong to me now!

The camera fades to black.

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