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Learn about J Mysteq

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1Learn about J Mysteq Empty Learn about J Mysteq on Sat May 19, 2012 4:45 pm


Name: J Mysteq

Class: Strength

Level: 2

Alignment: Face,but can turn heel if needed

Finisher(s): Head Shot

J Mysteq duck a clothesline and while Narga is turned he roundhouse kicks Narga
and while Narga is groggy Mysteq nails him by putting his boot to Nargas face and falls and he elbow drops Narga while he is grounded and gets on the top rope to frog splash Narga executing Fantastic Head Shot

Trademark(s): Body Slam(Myteq Slam), Knee Stomp(Big Knee), Big Punch(Out of Nowhere)

Story: Abandoned when he was not even a month old, Mysteq was abanded in the forests of Asia. Wolves, instead of eating him, took him, to be one of there children. He learned quickly, the savage ways of the wolf. He befriended panda bears. Then, one day, Animal Control spotted Mysteq. They took him from his wolf fsmily while they were all sleeping. When Mysteq woke up, he began an outrage. When he was calmed down(6 days, 9 hours, and 20 minutes later) they put him in wrestling. They tried to teach him English, but he refused. He just wouldn't learn English, but his debut match-up was within an hour, and he had a segment where he spoke, but he simply refused. He beat the champion in under 2 minutes. The federation made him the new champion, and J Mysteq has been pwning noobs ever since.

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this is ATW heels are never needed

Learn about J Mysteq Reevol11!/TheAskeland

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