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Valac, the machinegun messiah

Height: 6’6’’
Weight: 300 pounds
Alignment: heel
Distinctive features: dark “goth” clothes, a silver upside down cross around his neck, white facepaint with black accents, long black hair
Theme Song: Sybreed’s “MachineGun Messiah”
Finisher: Lucifer Effect-Submission (stroke into crippler crossface)
Trademark: Final Exit-Ankle lock
Taunt: Heaven Shall Burn ( Valac kisses the inverted cross he has round his neck executing Heaven Shall Burn)

Biography: Valac was born in a small town in Norway in a Christian family. His mother was a religious fanatic and always molested him as a child if he did something wrong. He thought his parents hate him for not being perfect because even if he tried to be what they wanted him to be, they always found something wrong… So he stopped caring. He became what his parents hated the most, what he was taught not to be. He started listening to industrial metal, metalcore and black metal.
One day, while he was at a Dimmu Borgir concert, he got squashed in the wall of death and passed out. He woke up 6 hours later in the ER of a hospital with long term memory loss. He ran out of the hospital but since he couldn’t remember the address he went back to the place of the concert. He was taken into custody by the local authorities and then sent to a mental asylum.
The director of the asylum used the strong patients for underground wrestling shows… so Valac immediately caught his attention. Valac became his favorite competitor because of his brutality.
One night however, after a fight Valac was bought from the director by the GM of …...
Valac believes he is the right hand Astaroth, the hell god and that he must punish those who do not follow his master.

PS: i know Dimmu Borgir doesn't have walls of death

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