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Anthrax: Emo Dolphin?

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1Anthrax: Emo Dolphin? Empty Anthrax: Emo Dolphin? on Thu Nov 18, 2010 11:56 pm


Name: Anthrax

Nickname: The Hardcore Deviant

Type: Resistance

Weight: 250

Hight: 6'1

Entrance Song: 300 Violin Orchestra by: Jorge Quintero

From: Las Vegas

Age: 25

  • Anthrax locks in a three-quarters face lock and sweeps the front leg driving (NAME) face into the mat executing a LEGENDARY Alakaslam

  • Archetype BombCold Wind Blows(Modified Sit Down Powerbomb)

Wrestling Attire:
  • Black sleeveless shirt
  • Tight fitted faded blue jeans
  • black wrist tape
  • black combat boots

AnthraX was the outcast of society. AnthraX started making a living as a burglary because he had an unbelievable ability to hid in the dark. While he was robbing people blind he started to build up his body strength and stamina. He was then discover by a wrestling promoter that loved his ability and the promoter started training him to become a wrestler. The promoter took advantage of him. AnthraX left the promoter and went out on his own. He ended being scouted by Phenom The Vampire Lord and later joined ATW. AnthraX in ATW was the hardcore guy he would do anything he could to injure his opponets. At Fade To Black he suffered a defeat to Def-Jam and walked away from ATW.

ArcheType Wrestling Titles:
The Demanufacture Title(2)

Helix Awards:
Season One Best Fued Of the Season - The Darkness Vs A.A.T.O.
Season One Best Stable Of The Season - The Darkness

In Other feds
11 match win streak (ended when GWA closed down on TWG)

Last ever GWA/TWG Eclipse Champion (Vacated when GWA closed on TWG)

Last ever PWA Phoenix Heavyweight Champion (Fed colsed)

STW Tag team champ (w/ Naven)(left fed with title)

Anthrax: Emo Dolphin? Qybsu10

Anthrax: Emo Dolphin? Anthra13

Anthrax: Emo Dolphin? Anthra12

Anthrax: Emo Dolphin? Anthra10

Anthrax: Emo Dolphin? Anthra10

Anthrax: Emo Dolphin? Anthra11

Anthrax: Emo Dolphin? 7-7110

Anthrax: Emo Dolphin? Gwacar10

Anthrax: Emo Dolphin? Gwacar11


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Anthrax: Emo Dolphin? Reevol11!/TheAskeland

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