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AnthraX ATW Welcome

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1 AnthraX ATW Welcome on Sun Dec 05, 2010 9:31 pm

A camera turns on and shows the parking lot of fear factory. The lot is half way full, and a car is pulling in. An unknown person gets out of his car when a voice is heard from the shadows.

Shadows: Hey, kid are you here to become a wrestler?

Person: Ya, I seen this cool message on the internet and decided to come down and try it out.

The shadow figure walks out to reveal that it is AnthraX.

AnthraX: You think you have what it takes? It takes more then muscle in the wrestling business, It takes talent and brains.

Person: Well I have that too

AnthraX: and some times you get beaten, battered, and bruised. Are you ready for that?

At that moment AnthraX move out of the shadows a little more to reveal a lead pipe in his hand.

Person: Wait, maybe I am not

AnthraX: too late

AnthraX swings the pipe hitting the person in the gut, he then hits him in the back of the head leaving an 8cm gash in the back of his head.

AnthraX: All you guys are the same. You can’t handle yourselves in a real fight.

The person some how gets a second wind and hits AnthraX in the crotch. he stands up and grabs AnthraX' head and drives it into the concrete with a DDT. AnthraX is bleeding a little from the top of the head.

AnthraX: ha, you've got guts kid, but you have no clue what you are getting into.

AnthraX reaches into his jacket and pulls out a pair of brass knuckles. He slips the knuckles onto his hand, and while he is getting up he connects with an uppercut to the chin making the person fall down hitting his already concussed head, on the concrete. The poor victim is now oozing out blood. AnthraX grabs the poor guy's head head, drags him back to his car and puts his head between the car door and the door jamb. AnthraX takes a couple steps back and a big bang rings out through the deserted parking garage as the person valiantly moves just in time not to be hit with the car door. The kid tries a couple times to get up to his feet but fails. AnthraX walks backwards, runs, and kicks his victim in the ribs flipping him over.The kid screams in excruciating pain.

AnthraX: Welcome to ATW

AnthraX walks away as the the camera fades to black.

OOC: I made this rp in a way the Jobber can be replaced with a non-rper or a fake wrestler

OOC: I changed the jobber's name from jobber to "the person" or some variation of that. I can go back and change it if need be. also, edited.

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