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Lasting impressions...

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1Lasting impressions... Empty Lasting impressions... Sat Mar 14, 2015 8:24 pm

Jacob Aster

Lasting impressions... 6mpAmdARi1o

Hack3r standing against a wall is what is seen from the perspective of the beautiful red headed goddess, the young and ever magnicent Vixen. After his conversation she turns from her hallway corner and heads back to the locker room with the all too familiar Jacob Aster name plate and opens the door and enters.

Vixen: "Hack3r said you were a preacher or something like that I believe."

She tells Aster in a rather stern voice as Jacob Aster finishes taping up his hands. Jacob looks up at her and produces a thin smile...

Jacob: "Well then he is for the sermon of his life tonight."

The scene fades...

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