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White Paprika

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1White Paprika Empty White Paprika Sat Jan 03, 2015 7:03 pm



Name: White Paprika
Nickname: The Swagtastic One, The Manipulator
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 200lbs
Hometown: Funky Town
Gender: Sounds like a man.
Nationality: He sounds English, if that helps. He's a skeleton after all!
Entrance Theme: "Am I Evil" by Diamond Head
Alignment: Super Jerk Heel
Wrestling Style: Devious and Dirty
Catchphrases: "Hello" This is like so good for his gimmick yo
Tag Team: Captain Falcon, his commentating partner who appeared with him on Evil Grounds, but has mysteriously disappeared since his debut appearance.
Stable: None, because he is not Cartwright
Championships: None, because he is not Cartwright
Official Debut As Colour Commentator: 27/01/13
Official Debut As Expert Panelist: 08/06/14
Awards: Greatest Colour Commentator In The World Award 2013 and 2014 (Self-Proclaimed and Self-Awarded)
Greatest Expert Panelist In The World 2014 (Self-Proclaimed and Self-Awarded)

Ring Attire: A full body Skeleton Suit that comes in a variety of colours and shininess in order to maximize profits through merchandise.

Finishers: Paprika Pasting
White Paprika lifts Adam Nedman up in-front of him to his chest.
He uses Adam Nedman as a guitar and then drops him on his head Omega Driver style executing SWAGTASTIC Paprika Pasting

Trademarks: Fragrant Flip (Lionsault), Paprika Plunge (Swanton Bomb)

See? It can't be Cartwright because he has his own move set.

Biography: White Paprika is not Cartwright. OK?! You can tell this because Cartwright does not wear very posh glasses or swagtastic hats. White Paprika is the best colour commentator and expert panelist that the world has ever seen. We know this because he tells us so. White Paprika first appeared on the infamous 27th January 2013 edition of Proving Grounds, which was dubbed by fans around the world as Evil Grounds. White Paprika made his panelist debut on the Proving Grounds PPV Zenith, where his sharp wit, insight and genius made Adam Nedman very jealous indeed.

White Paprika appears to have had enough of watching nobodies play wrestler and has decided to step into the ring himself, despite having zero wrestling training and only being the best colour commentator in the world. How will the man who is definitely not Cartwright fare in The Proving Grounds?

The answer to that is amazingly well. He owned everybody. Now how will he fare in Archetype Wrestling? I hear it is run by a vampire, but that is OK because Paprika has no blood to suck. But just incase Phenom tries anything silly, Paprika will make sure to eat lots of garlic bread before the shows.

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