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Don't Fear... Averis is here....

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1 Don't Fear... Averis is here.... on Thu Dec 16, 2010 2:23 pm

Name: Averis

Alignment: Tweener

Height: 6'4"

Wrestler Level: 27

Weight: 250lbs

Catch Phrase:
Thats The Rich Way To Do It (Also the name of his talk show)

Taunt(s): 1. Burning Down The House
2. Get It Done

Trademark(s): 1. Hostile Take-over
2. Mental Harassment
3. The Deal Breaker

Finisher(s): 1. Attitude Adjustment (Ya I know)
2. Heart Breaker
3. Sweet Intoxication

Normal ring attire: Custom made Armani suit, and normal ring attire during matches.

If this pics dimensions are a bit odd, use the next one$plit/C_71_article_1072599_image_list_image_list_item_0_image.jpg

Entrance Theme:
Money talks by AC/DC

Background/Gimmick: Averis is a multi-billionaire heir, he is always suited-up, except during matches of course.He has even featured on Times magazine. He is insensitive to other people's feelings and loves to humiliate people who are not financially "comfortable". He is very mean and opportunistic and will do anything to gain advantage over his opponent. But everything he does has a style about it. There is nothing mediocre in what he does, he likes to make it big.
He used to be a very cheerful person in his childhood but something during his teenage days changed him for the worse. That event is a secret. Now he doesn't care about other people and watching happy people infuriates him.
He is normally multi-tasking, giving orders to his agents in japan to buy some shares while he is preparing for his new match. He also hosts a talk-show "Thats The Rich Way To Do It",during which the ring is decorated like an executive office and he uses this show to mainly embarrass the crowd by talking bad things about their life and jobs, talk trash to his opponents and to cut promo for his matches.
But don't make the mistake of taking him for a heel, because he will not think twice before back stabbing other heels. Being a businessman, he always does what suits best for him.

Total entrances level: 654

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