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Continue Proving Myself

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1 Continue Proving Myself on Sat Oct 01, 2011 6:24 pm

War Wolf is seen backstage.
Pandora: War Wolf! Can I finally have a word with you? You have been blowing me off week after week.
War Wolf: I have? I wasn't paying attention. You're not exactly on my important list.
Pandora: Who is?
War Wolf: Me, and champions with belts I want.
Pandora: Okay, well how do you feel about losing a chance after the tag titles?
War Wolf: I don't care. I'm always a tag champion. It's time I shine on my own. What gets me mad is that once again I have to fight Travis Touchdown. Furthermore, after the pay-per-view, Travis may get another title match. Have I gotten a title match? I thought I have proven myself. Sure I lost the tag tournament, but I thought before then I did great as a singles competitor. Obviously, I have to simply keep proving myself before someone in management realizes that I'm the one that can bring this company to the top.
War Wolf walks away.

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