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Shave the kitty kitty

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1 Shave the kitty kitty on Sat Sep 17, 2011 12:55 am

The scene fades in on a straight-razor laying on a sink. A gloved hand comes into view, grasping the handle of the razor as another gloved hand runs a finger across the blade. The blade bites through the glove as the finger passes over it. Warm, red blood smears across the blade as it digs in deeper until finally the finger made it all the way across.
Chuckles “I seem to have been forgotten about. Again!”
The camera now shows Chuckles the Clown inside the frame of the mirror holding a razor. His tongue slides across the blade, cleaning it of the blood smeared from his finger.
Chuckles “I can’t believe it. I finally found a new home only to be forgotten about so quickly like a nobody. Tossed aside like an aborted fetus. Well I won’t have it. Not this time. If they won’t make time for me then I’ll make my own time.”
Chuckles runs the razor blade across his face, nicking it in several places.
Chuckles “But what would get their attention?”
Chuckles facial expression changes suddenly as a sinister smile covers his face.
Chuckles “I think its time I shave a particular kitty. Here kitty kitty kitty kitty”
Chuckles walks away holding the razor out in front of him.

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