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Dj's confidence

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1 Dj's confidence on Sat Jul 30, 2011 8:03 am

The camera turns on to show Pandora knocking on the Mafia's locker room. After a short while Def-Jam opens the door.
Def-jam: Well hello, Pandora. What can I do for you?
Pandora: You seem than usual. Why?
Def-jam: Because my life as a superstar could never be better! I'm champion, I'm on a winning streak, I'm even back in the singles life again. Nothing could bring me down.
Pandora: I see, well good for you champ! I do have a question that has been popping up on the ATW fanpage. Do you think you stand a chance against Jack Ammo, even in a hardcore match?
Def-jam: You're kidding right? He's my friend and all but in the ring I am a different person. I will prove once again that I am the hardcore maniac. He wants this title? He better pray I dont return him back to his hospital bed! I just hope we are still friends after Sunday.
Pandora nods to DJ and he goes back inside.
Pandora: Pretty strong words from our demanufacture champion. With our ppv event just days away, let's see if he can back up his very confident words.
She smiles as the camera fades.

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