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Wildthing's Grand Entrance

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1 Wildthing's Grand Entrance on Mon Dec 13, 2010 12:33 am

The arena lights begin to flicker and some rumbling begins to be heard up on the roof. this causes the crowd begin screaming in unison.

Christian: Don’t tell me that we are going to have to cancel this show because of this rundown building collapsing?

The lights flicker again and then from behind the curtain a pale looking man with long gray hair, wearing a suit, a Kentucky bowtie, and a top hat appears.

???: Do not be frightened. I am just a humble servant coming to deliver something very special to you all.

Connor: Dude, I don’t think he gets out much.

Christian: That’s true about that Sherlock, I wonder if he knows that Halloween has passed?

A picture is shown on the titatron with the pale looking man, and another old man with a lab coat.

???: My master is a brilliant scientist whom has discovered a way to regenerate a replica of a human being. In other words he has found a way to clone the dead. Just like the movie Jurassic Park. However, it is only a bit of a prototype. You see, we weren’t able to fully generate the exact personality of anyone yet, but we have come close to this person.

Connor: Dude, do you think we can ask him to generate us a T-Rex?

Christian: I don’t know if that is such a good idea. Wait, did he just say this person? What does he mean by that.

???: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages may I present to you a man that really needs no introduction, Wildthing!

Boom! An explosion happens and rubble from up above falls to the ring with a rope and a man wearing leather pants, black boots, white shirt, leather jacket and shades slides down and stops halfway down the rope and looks at the crowd and grins.

Connor: Chris, I think that this guy is going to get billed for that damage.

Chris: Ah don’t think of that hole as a bad thing. Think of it as a improvement. It’s a sun roof.

Wildthing climbs the rest of the way down and lands on his feet. The crowd is just shocked by what they have just seen. Wildthing grabs a microphone from one of the ringhands and lifts it up to his mouth

Wildthing: I’m sorry that I’m late. I was at a intervention dealing with Lindsey Lohans’ trouble. She just wouldn’t quit the crack and smack.

The crowd laughs at Wildthing's joke.

Wildthing: Thank you, Mr. Y for bringing me here. But I can take it from here.

The gray haired, paled man tips his hat and exits the arena.

Wildthing: With great success comes great responsibility, so if you'll excuse me, there is someone backstage waiting for me.

Wildthing throws the microphone outside the ring and proceeds to exit towards the backstage area.The crowd begins to chant "Wildthing".

Chris: Wow, Wildthing hasn’t even wrestled and he is already gaining this crowd’s attention in more than one way.

Connor: No doubt about that.

The camera fades out to black.

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