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Teacher vs. Student (commentator's table)

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1 Teacher vs. Student (commentator's table) on Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:34 am

The camera returns back to the Commentator's Table with Christian Ghost and Conner Danielson..

Conner Danielson: What a great match we have seen here tonight, those two gave it their all and we're not finished yet!

Christian Ghost: That's right my favorite match is up next! It's the Teacher vs Student Match!

Conner Danielson: In addition, It's the Grudge Match between Naven X and Vivica Lockhart. These two have been the best of friends, one a mentor, the other a raising star. Both led to the formation of Seek and Destroy, but not anymore...

Christian Ghost: The best of friends have become the best of enemies due to Vivica's betrayal at the last PPV. Naven wants some revenge and he will have hia hands on his former partner tonight.

Conner Danielson: Not only that, this match for the #1 contendership for the Synthetic Breed title. One wants power, the other redemption, and tonight we'll see who will leave the winner. Now we go ringside!

Christian Ghost: I got my money on Lockhart!

Conner Danielson: Oh boy!

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