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New season, new goals

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1 New season, new goals on Tue May 17, 2011 11:09 pm

The ATW arena is filled with a capacity crowd. Travis Touchdown's theme blasts through the speakers and the crowd erupts. Travis drives to the ring on his Schpeltiger with his Undefeated Championship on his shoulder. He grabs a mic and walks in the ring.

Travis Touchdown: Well here we are. A new start for ATW. Although we're turning a new page in this federation, some things haven't changed. For instance William and Ghetto are still the Tag Team Champions.

The crowd screams

Travis Touchdown: I am still the UNDEFEATED CHAMPION!!

The crowd screams even louder

Travis Touchdown: And last but not least. The Mafia... is STILL THE MOST DOMINANT STABLE IN ATW.

Travis puts his mic in the air to have the crowd's reaction heard through the speakers.

Travis Touchdown: With that said, there will be of course some changes. You see, these last months I have proven to the whole ATW roster and fans that I was the most dominant and feared wrestler in this place. I even had a custom belt made to show it.

Travis taps on his belt.

Travis Touchdown: But these last few days I had to think. I have been competing and crushing every opponent one after the other. Each and every person I have fought was never really worthy of my time and sweat. So I said to myself, I should stop fighting every person that comes my way and start focusing on one person only.

The crowd shouts and gets excited.

Travis Touchdown: So that's what I will do from this day. I will find that person and focus on it. Who is it? I can't tell. All I can say is that you might now who it is either tonight or on the next Fear Factor. Who knows? But you will know who it is. So now that I've proven that I'm undefeated and that I'm changing my aim, I won't need this anymore.

Travis grabs his title and puts it on the ground. The crowd reacts in shock.

Travis Touchdown: Now don't get me wrong, I do respect William's gift and I'm very thankful to him. But I think the time has come to move on and to take things to the next level. So to my new opponent, let me tell you this, get ready this season as the eternal Undefeated One comes after you and let's the bloodshed BEGIN!!

Travis' theme is played and he drops the mic on the ground leaving the ring on his bike.

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