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Put an end to this!!

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1 Put an end to this!! on Sun Apr 24, 2011 10:25 pm

The crowd are in pandemonium as the camera takes a shot of all the intense fans in the arena...Suddenly, "Seek And Destroy" by Metallica blast through the speakers and the crowd goes crazy as Naven X and Vivica Lockhart arrives to the stage...both walk down the ramp and as Vivica plants her trademark pose,Naven does his X-pose and blasts of pyro shoots out from the stage roaring the crowd in awe..they continue down the ramp and enter the ring...Naven begins to look at the crowd and begins to speak..

Naven X: For one whole week!, S.A.D. has run ATW with an iron fist with the power of Vivica Lockhart as General Manager of Archetype Wrestling..

the crowd boos yet hearing small chants of praise to vivica lockhart.

Naven X: Now as they say "don't start something you can't finish!" as for phenom is concerned he feels that he is not done with us yet..interfering in our tag match was a mistake he will definitely regret!

Naven looks at at his fist then continues

Naven X: And he will understand once again because I am issuing a challenge at Fade to black not a bad idea huh vivica?

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2 Re: Put an end to this!! on Mon Apr 25, 2011 10:43 pm

Vivica recieves the microphone from naven and nods her head before she raises the mic to the lips

VL: Now you got it all wrong naven, I was in fact the best General Manager than Phenom ever was!!

The intense crowd begin chanting you suck!

VL: But you do have a point naven, phenom doesn't know when to not be in other people's business so to make sure he doesnt do this more match sure end this once and for all!!!

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3 Re: Put an end to this!! on Tue Apr 26, 2011 10:26 pm

The lights in the arena go out leaving it drenched in darkness. The Titantron flickers back to life to show a message written in a dark shade of red.

"I have become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds"

Then the unmistakable intro to Sybreed's "I am Ultraviolence" starts playing over the speaker system.
Phenom appears at the top of the ramp as a curtain of fire starts raining from above. He steps through it and makes his way down the ramp in a chorus of boos which he ignores.
Phenom jumps up on the apron and dodges the top rope to get inside the ring.
He pulls out a microphone from his coat's pocket and raises it up to his mouth to speak.

Phenom: I am not here to answer to your pathetic claims and accusations. Ruling over a country for a day doesn't make you a king and it sure as hell doesn't make your blood turn blue.

He paces around the ring waiting for the crowd to calm down again

Phenom: As for Fade to Black... it's going to be one last match... one last tag team standing at the end of it... because Myself and my lovely assistant, miss Melissa Andrews will face you two in a Last Tag Team Standing match...

The crowd starts roaring with excitement.

Phenom: NO countouts! No Disqualifications! No Pinfalls! No Tapouts! Just a straight up fight til the end...

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4 Re: Put an end to this!! on Wed Apr 27, 2011 4:02 am

Naven begins to clap his hands in excitement as he hear the great announcement from the general manager...

Naven X: Finally!...that is the best thing you have ever S.A.D is facing you and another little slave! just pitiful!

Naven laughs hard then continues

Naven X: I just hope she does more than give you a happy ending every night!..because she will have to get in the ring with the most appealed tag team in ATW today....SO BRING IT ON!!!

the crowd explode in cheers as S.A.D. agrees to the match

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