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Hard For Me To Class

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1Hard For Me To Class Empty Hard For Me To Class on Sat Feb 26, 2011 5:29 pm

Kim Anderson

Kim Anderson
Can't fully tell what TWG time sorry if its late >_<

Sitting on one of the metal folding chairs, by herself in the New Generation's locker room at the moment, is Kim Anderson. The female is wearing a black unzipped leather jacket, which is mostly covering up one of the many The New Generation shirts sold in the shops, and matching mini skirt with black wrestling boots. The Canadian is tonight battling Alparslan with her impressively made undefeated streak on the line. Anderson felt like she was lucky to win both the Double Helix Tag Team Titles and the Tag Team of ATW Season One. One of the Tag Team Championships is on the young woman's lap as she ponders her own future. Unfortunately the lady was unable to have much time as the cameraman came and requested her the camera to begin recording her. Kim gave out a simple nod and smiled lightly as the camera began to roll, its now showtime.

Kim: Hello everybody in the land of the ArcheType Wrestling. My name is Kim Anderson and I welcome you to the first episode of Season Two's Prototype. Tonight we'll have a lot of alright matches and the two greatest matches of the night will be Wildthing easily defeating Wolvian and me battling a debuting Alparslan. I have nothing against Al-pars-lan, I really hope that's how you pronounce your name...but it is very hard for me to class someone I have never heard of before as a threat.

After saying those words Miss Anderson stood up from the chair and folded it up before leaning it against the wall. As soon as she did that the Canadian wrestler grabbed the Tag Title and rested it on her left shoulder. Kimmie began to speak up once again.

Kim: In case you don't know anything about me, Alparslan, I'll introduce name is Kim Anderson. I hail form Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am only eighteen years old and I'm currently the Double Helix Tag Team Champion with my very great friend Wildthing. Me and Wildthing has also won the ArcheType Wrestling Season One Best Tag Team Of The Season. I shall wish you the best of luck Alparslan since you'll most likely need it. You might have the size advantage but when it goes to heart...well, lets just say that you have nothing on me. But like I said earlier...I shall wish you the best of luck Alparslan. But before I leave I have a message for someone...Phenom, come to Prototype next week because I have a message for you, And now...Alparslan, either you win or lose...I hope you have a good day!

After saying that Anderson gave out another sweet smile before pulling out a spray can from her jacket. The female Canadian then sprayed the black paint all over it before cheerfully exiting the room, heading off towards the stage.

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