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The Lonely Assassin vs The Assassin

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1 The Lonely Assassin vs The Assassin on Sat Jan 15, 2011 4:35 pm

The shot opens on one of the dingiest rooms in ATW's Industrial Complex. Click. A solitary bulb swinging from the centre of the ceiling flickers into life. Adam Nedman enters the room and tosses a couple of bags of gear onto the floor.

Nedman: I guess this will have to do for now.

He proceeds to open up the bags and arrange mats and other training paraphernalia around the room.

Disembodied Voice: Carry on down your path, Oncoming Storm, stand against the darkness.

Nedman: You again. I don't suppose you have any useful information for me.

Disembodied voice: You know what you need to know for now. Time will reveal all.

Nedman: I thought not.

A hand appears on Nedman's shoulder. Out of pure reflex, he grabs the arm just above the wrist and drops to a knee, throwing the owner of the hand down on to one of the mats and looms over them, ready to strike. Looking down, he sees it's a young woman with a microphone. She looks up at him, nonchalantly.

Pandora: Who are talking to? There's nobody here.

Nedman relaxes and aids Pandora to her feet.

Nedman: You should be more careful. And what did you mean, who am I talking to? Didn't you hear the echo-y, ethereal voice?

She shakes her head.

Nedman: Well, that's disconcerting. Who are you anyway?

Pandora: I'm one of ATW's backstage interviewers. My name is Pandora.

He rolls his eyes.

Nedman: Of course it is. Pandora, the woman who released all the evils of the world upon mankind. That makes perfect sense.

She just smiles sweetly at this.

Pandora: So what was this voice saying to you?

Nedman: Oh, just some gibberish about standing against the darkness.

She seems perturbed.

Pandora: The Darkness, you mean Phenom the Vampire Lord and Wolvian?

Nedman: I don't know. I'm still trying to figure it out. So Phenom's here, that's a blast from the past. And Wolvian, any relation to...

She nods knowingly.

Pandora: His illegitimate son. You don't want to stand against them, maybe you shouldn't pay much attention to this voice of yours.

Nedman: Maybe. I need to think about this. Time for you to leave.

He puts his hand round her back and starts walking her towards the door.

Pandora: But I'm not finished. What about your match against The Assassin tonight?

He talks while he escorts her out.

Nedman: One of the many epithets applied to me is "The Lonely Assassin". Tonight, we shall see who is the assassin and who is asinine.

On reaching the door, he gives her a gentle shove through into the hallway and closes the door behind her and the shot fades to black.

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