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EOA's Agression

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1 EOA's Agression on Sat Jan 15, 2011 4:28 am

it seems like a thunder has just stroke!
Suddenly high flames light on, as though the �Tron was set to fire!
Executioner Of Anarchy makes his way to the ring
wearing a simple wrestling costume
mounting a custom chopper
preceded by four druids wearing robes and carrying torches
Four lightnings hit the ringposts

EOA enters the ring carrying A microphone as he looks out at the crowd.

EOA: so It Seems like THE Executioner gets his first match her on ATW well you better get used to seeing me here becuase im gonna be here for a long time.

the crowd boos at EOA

EOA: boo all you want anyway lets skip to the reason im here now i got put in a match to face well actually this guy has them most ridiculous name i ever heard what is it caratchike? well what ever it was judging by his name he's probably the crappiest wrestler that ever existed.I mean with a name like that i don't think he expects to become the best wrestler he probably just comes out here to show to his friend that hes on t.v well news flash your gonna get humiliated on t.v.

EOA drops the microphone onto the ground and raises his arms out in a v shape and clutches his hands together making the lights turn off and on when they turn back on EOA is no where to be seen.

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