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Confidence? ( I hope this isnt too late)

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1 Confidence? ( I hope this isnt too late) on Sat Jan 08, 2011 5:49 am

The camera pans to a room backstage. The room is very unrecognizable, seems like a basic living room. On the table in the center, there is an empty display case. The camera keeps rotating until it is face to face with a steel mask. The fans, recognizing the mask erupt into cheers. The camera backs up and Katz Pajamaz can be seen holding the mask over her face. She removes it, laughing. She holds the mask up beside her face, and looks at the camera.

Katz: Remember this? Great memories. For those who havent seen, when I first saw all of you people for the first time. I was wearing this mask. I made a name for myself when everybody thought I was a man. Then push came to shove and I was unmasked.

Katz walked over to the display case and put the mask inside. Sealing it after. She then faces the camera again.

Katz: Did I win my debut match? No. Then I made some friends, and all of those friends and I got a chance in a new federation. Almost all of the people you see here tonight to be exact. I was known as Katz Pajamz, but that name I had made did not fade. Did I win my debut match? Again, no.

Katz walks across the room, and stops by the door.

Katz: Now I have a third chance. I am facing a man named full metal python. Ive heard this guy is all talk. I can't wait to get in there and show him just who Katz Pajamaz is. Third time's the charm, right? And this may be a thing of the past. But Python. I can be, and will be, your worst nightmare!

Katz flicks of the lightswitch, leaving the room in darkness. She then opens the door and heads towards the ring for her match.

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