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The Jacob Aster deal.

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1The Jacob Aster deal. Empty The Jacob Aster deal. on Mon Jan 12, 2015 4:41 am

Jacob Aster

The scene opens with a police chase on a television in a hotel room, the perpetrator skids off an overpass and onto the road below. A laugh is heard in the background as a cell phone rings. A mans voice is heard, "yes I am here, I was just watching this fool bust himself up."
A short pause and then more dialogue, "You europeans are funny people, very entertaining television." The scene abruptly fades...

The cameraman follows Jacob Aster down the elevator and gets off on the third floor, the writing on the wall indicates that conference rooms are to the right and other regular rooms are to the left. Jacob Aster notices the sign and turns right until he comes upon an open door saying Conference Room 3 on it. He enters the room with the cameraman following close behind
and then takes a seat in one of the chairs on the far side of the table.

Jacob Aster looks around the room noticing the dark red and blue carpet on the floor in a design much like a series of crosses. He then looks up and points to a florescent light that is flickering due to its age. The cameraman is heard saying, "yes I see."

The focus on Jacob Aster by the cameraman shows a few details about this individual... mainly his bald head almost glowing in the florescent lights above and his string of tattoo's that go up and down his arms. The cameraman wondering why this man is so casually dressed for a business meeting with black gothic boots on his feet, a ripped up pair of jeans and a black Slayer t-shirt over his torso.

The sound of footsteps are heard coming down the hall towards the conference room, the scene abruptly fades...

2The Jacob Aster deal. Empty Re: The Jacob Aster deal. on Mon Jan 12, 2015 10:05 pm

Phenom The Vampire Lord

Phenom The Vampire Lord
The doors open once again and Joseph Duplantier and Maria Esfahani make their way to shake hands with Jacob. Joseph then takes a seat across the table from him while Maria steps outside.

Joseph:"Thank you for agreeing to meet me today mister Aster. As you may or may not have found out by now, I am opening a new federation and I need good men to work for me. I need flyers and powerhouses and technicians and brawlers. I need referees and commentators. And while I can't find someone that can fill in all those roles, I can find specialists mister Aster."

He pulls out a contract and a pen from his briefcase and slides them across the table towards Jacob.

Joseph:"Will you be one of my specialists?"

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3The Jacob Aster deal. Empty Contract Signing on Tue Jan 13, 2015 2:55 pm

Jacob Aster

Jacob Aster sits across the conference table opposite Joseph Duplantier and eyeballs the contract. He uses his fingers and slides the top sheet to the right and then the next as well... he smiles for a moment and grabs the pen that lay before him.
As he is about to sign the contract a womans voice is heard outside of the conference room, and then a second womans voice... the first woman explains that she is part of Jacob Aster's entourage and that her name is Vixen. After a few moments the voices die down and Aster
goes back to what he was doing with another thin smile.

Jacob:"You know Mr. Duplantier, your superstars aren't going to know what to think of me? If I were Bret hart I would say I was the excellence of execution... but since I am not, lets just say I am The Chicago Submission Specialist."

With that, Jacob Aster signs his new contract and stands to shake hands with Joseph Duplantier who responds in kind. Jacob Aster then turns and looks into the camera...

Jacob:"Its really too bad for all of you fools... a storm has been unleashed and you have no idea what I will do to all of you. So consider this an open challenge to whomever deems themselves worthy enough to fight me."

The scene fades as a tattooed woman walks into the room with fiery red hair... she waves at the camera and then hugs Jacob Aster.

The Jacob Aster deal.

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