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Michael Whites Bio

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Name: Michael White

Entrance Name: The Damager, Michael White

Entrance: Epic- A video plays of Michaels Greatest wins and his finishers wiping out his opponents

Entrance Song: City by Hollywood Undead

Finisher: M30- Michael White takes the opponent head and lays it under his arm and brings the opponent to the turnbuckle and gets on the middle turnbuckle and slowly turns around
and then throws his hand up taunting his opponent and then slams the opponent's head fiercely straight into the mat executing M30

Taunt: Epicness- Michael White stands on the bottom rope and throws his hand into the air executing a Epicness

Trademark: Body Splash

Origin: Las Angelas

Alignment: Unknown

Attire: Black Shirt and Tight Gray Pants

Bio: Born in Las Angelas, Michael's Parents were killed in a car accident when he was 2. He went to an orphanage. He was beaten daily and then he had his chance to run at the age of 8, So he did. He ran and ran and ran, Never looking back. He ran for 2 day. Then the need of Water hit him. This is when he realized what he had just done. On the streets of Las Angelas he walked looking for just a drop of water. He fainted on a street and was picked up by a stranger named Zac. He raised him like he was his own. Then Zac had died in a mysterious fire in his house. By this time Michael was 18. Looking for a home and a job he came across a man named Phenom the vampire lord. He gave him the chance to work as a wrestler. Out of options he took it even with the low pay. He needed something and to him he was in paradise.

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