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Nedmania Still Rules!

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1Nedmania Still Rules! Empty Nedmania Still Rules! Sat Jan 03, 2015 5:46 pm



Adam Nedman

Nicknames: The Oncoming Storm; The Lonely Assassin


Build: Stocky rather than muscular, not ripped but extremely well toned
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 236lbs
Skin: White
Hair: Very short, dark brown

Entry Attire: Dark coloured hooded top and a plain black towel

Wrestling Attire: Traditional amateur wrestling singlet, various designs

Wrestling Style: Euro-resu

Entrance Theme: "Power Struggle" by Sunna

Entrance: The usual ArcheTron (?) video as well as a blindingly bright white spotlight following me to the ring, then centering on the middle of the ring as the rest of the arena is cloaked in darkness.

Alignment: Face


Cobra Mutilation: Think Bryan Danielson's Cattle Mutilation but with a Cobra Clutch instead of a Double Chickenwing/Underhook

Adam Nedman applies a Cobra Clutch then sweeps the near leg slamming T-Wolf face first to the mat
then rolls forward into a bridge executing
LEGENDARY Cobra Mutilation!!

Adam Nedman keeps his weak submission hold
T-Wolf can't resist anymore and taps out!!

Cobra Cutter: Cobra Clutch Suplex released into a Diamond Cutter (Deleted, you served me well, my friend, you shall be missed)

Adam Nedman locks in a Cobra Clutch then pops his hips throwing Titus Pullo backwards as if in a Cobra Clutch Suplex
but Adam Nedman releases the hold in mid-air and catches Titus Pullo in a three-quarter facelock pulling him face first down to the mat executing
LEGENDARY Cobra Cutter!!

Riddle of Steel

Adam Nedman slaps Drake "Razor" Williams in the face from the right then the left and hits a spinning backfist then he hits a Snapmare takeover holding Drake "Razor" Williams's right arm
Nedman wraps his right leg around the arm and neck of Drake "Razor" Williams as he locks in a Triangle Choke with his left leg and starts raining down savage elbow strikes on the bridge of Drake "Razor" Williams's nose executing
light Riddle Of Steel!!
Adam Nedman keeps his DESTRUCTIVE submission hold
Adam Nedman keeps his DESTRUCTIVE submission hold


Talocrural Plantar Hyperflexion: Ankle Lock
Full Nedman: Full Nelson
Never Ending Suplex: Multiple German Suplexes (Replaced by Full Nedman)
Ain't No Remorse For The Corpse: Vertebreaker (Temporarily Suspended) Probably gone forever.
Trigonometric Parallax: Triangle Choke (Replaced by Talocrural Plantar Hyperflexion)
External Occipital Protuberance Driver: Inverted DDT (Replaced by Ain't No Remorse For The Corpse)
Koji Clutch Gamma: Koji Clutch (Replaced by Trigonometric Parallax)
Cobra Kai Suplex: Cobra Clutch Suplex (Replaced by Never Ending Suplex)


Taunt: Just a taunt, I wasn't feeling very creative
You're Going Home in a Fudging Ambulance!: Football/Soccer fan style chant

Manager/Mentor/Trainer/Old Man/Not My Grandfather

Alf Nelson.  I don't know my ATW 3.0 story yet so I have no clue if I'll be using Alf or not, but this is him anyway.

Nedmania Still Rules! PatOConnor10

Dat Pic Doe

Nedmania Still Rules! YV7XiG7

Nedmania Still Rules! Tg0Y4O1

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