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Kai The Demon's Bio

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1Kai The Demon's Bio Empty Kai The Demon's Bio Thu Jun 07, 2012 9:56 pm

Kai The Demon

Name: Kai The Demon
Shortened Name: KAi
Age: 19
Weight: 178 Pounds
Height: 5'09''
Alignment: Tweener

Entrance: "Lies Greed Misery" by Linkin Park begins to play across the arena as Kai The Demon walks on onto the entrance ramp in his normal, black t-shirt, purple vest with six different pockets, baggy purple jeans, and black and white converse shoes. Kai climbs into the ring and pulls out his Dranzer V2 Beyblade from one of his pockets and stares at it. Kai closes his eyes and let's out a loud yell before putting Dranzer back and begins preparing for the match.

Short bio: Growing up, Kai began to play a popular sport in Japan. As he went through the years in it he became a multi-time champion of the sport. Until one day, he was dethroned and beaten. After his defeat, he vanished from Japan. No one knew where he was until one day, he ended up in America at a local wrestling affiliation. He remained quiet for weeks without a word spoken. All that was seen in him was anger and spite built against everyone. Then, he vanished from the affiliation, just like he did from Japan. But one day, he ended up in a rather large wrestling alliance.. Until it went under. Now he has found his way here, for unknown reason.

Finisher: Waking The Demon

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