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The General Manager

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1The General Manager Empty The General Manager on Sun Dec 19, 2010 9:50 pm

Phenom The Vampire Lord

Phenom The Vampire Lord
30 of years ago, Dracula roamed the earth inspiring fear and crushing his enemies. During one of his wars with the werewolves, he comes across a woman. She reveals herself to be a "cannibal shaman", a human who eats the flesh of the deceased to create antibodies to the disease within their blood, and that if he consumed her he would be killed. The Vampire falls in love with the woman and conceives a child. He leaves her to battle the menacing lycans and although severely injured, he wins. At the age of 21, Phenom is taken away by Dracula to be taught everything there is to know about the art of war and combat. After several years of training he leaves to hone his abilities in the human world.
He worked for various wrestling federations around the world but 2 near death experiences and a desire to have his own set of slaves made him create ATW! Archetype Wrestling.
He is the Owner and General Manager but he's not afraid to get his hands dirty as he is an active performer as well.

Weight 250 pounds
Heightt 6'6''
Long black hair, black eyes, sporting white facepaint. always wearing one of his newest t-shirts and a long black or gray coat. white facepaint and a black inverted cross complete his look

His entrance music
Sybreed's "I am Ultraviolence"

Signature Moves
Plague (Ankle Lock)

Finisher Moves
Dracula Mix (Inverted Russian Leg Sweep into Crippler Crossface)

Vampiric aura

Co-Founder of Darkness with Wolvian.

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The General Manager Hellix

Season One Best Fued Of The Season

Darkness Vs A.A.T.O.

The General Manager Hellix

Season One Best Stable Of The Season

The Darkness

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