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Spriorite/Hack3r's history.

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Spriorite/Hack3r's history. Sprior10

Spriorite (AKA Sam Prior) is a young athletic wrestler who has brown eyes and black hair that is cut short at the back but has a considerabaly longer fringe in the front. TL:DR = Emo Kid.

Spriorite had a normal upbringing in Plymouth, England where he used to watch a lot of pro wrestling on TV when he was younger which inspired him to become a pro wrestler too, His other hobby includes creating regular Video blogs for the internet which has helped him form quite a steady fan base. TL:DR = Nerd kid.

Due to his love of the sport he began training at the age of eight in a small time gym and hit the big time 12 years later when he was accepted into the Galactic wrestling alliance where he soon set about forming The Renegade Alliance, a stable based on morals and hard work but due to a partner's personal issues he disbanded the stable. TL:DR = Made a stable in GWA, it failed.

After GWA closed it's doors Spriorite was one of the few individuals who stayed together and strived to create Phoenix Wrestling Alliance. Currently Spriorite is in a tag team with his long time friend Katz which they have aptly named "The Eruption". On PWA's first ever PPV "Freedom Or Fire", The Eruption's tag title match was interrupted by Nemesis and the belts were stolen, several weeks later and Spriorite was successful in winning the tag titles with his partner. They successfully defended their new titles for the first time the next week but didn't have time to celebrate as an old enemy was successful in causing the active volcano on Eternal Island to explode. TL:DR = Took ages to became champion in PWA but didn't keep them. Stupid samoans.

Fortunately Spriorite was able to escape the island before he got caught in the blast. After being out of the limelight for a while his old co worker Phenom The Vampire Lord offered him a position in ATW which he swiftly accepted. It wasn't long before Phenom ordered Spriorite to change his ring name, claiming "Spriorite to be too PWA". This was the reason behind him going through several name changes in his first season in ATW. During this season he was named Spriorite, Peach and Betty. His name was changed to Hack3r finally when he won the synthetic breed title at ATW's first ever PPV, Freedom Or Fire. TL:DR = Changed names a mess load of times and then became a ATW's first ever Synthetic Breed Champion.

The next season saw a wedge come between Hack3r and his friend TheHero due to Hack3r's arrogance about being champion. After an argument Hero got placed into the champion's match at Architects of the Apocalypse making it a triple threat match. TheHero then betrayed his friend by getting a quick pin on the champion when his back was turned. TL:DR = TheHero stole title from Hack3r.

Season 3 in ATW saw Hack3r try and fail to regain his title. TL:DR = Hack3r sucks.

In season 4 Hack3r and Cornelius trained almost non stop for the rabbit olympics and it all paid off because Cornelius won gold. However, on their way back from the event the car was running low on gas so the duo pulled up onto a farm and asked the local farmer for help. Luck was not shining on the wrestler and his pawed crusader because the farmer turned out to be crazy. True story. TL:DR = Cornelius got shot.


PWA= Eternal Isles Tag Team Champion (With Katz Pajamaz)

ATW= Synthetic Breed champion. Demanufacture champion.


Funniest moment of the season - (Season 1, 2, 3 and 4)

Break our star of the season (Season 1)

Face of the season (Season 1 and Season 2)

Shocker of the season (Season 4)

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