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1 *WarMachine* on Thu Oct 13, 2011 11:21 pm

Name: *WarMachine*

Age: 23

Class: Strenght

Height: 6.11 ft

weight: 396 lb.

Appearance: If someone can describe how the cloth looks like on the pic can give it a go Smile

Nickname: Brutal Vale Tudo Fighter

Trademark moves: Dutch Underhook Piledriver (Double Underhook Piledriver), Dutch Kneww Drop From Turnbuckle ( Double Knee Drop from Turnbuckle), Duch Leg Drop (Leg Drop).

Taunts: Game Over.

Finishers: Flying Dutch Press

Weapon of choice: Sledgehammer

Alignment: Heel

Entrance Lv: 1280

Championships won:

Biography: An overwhelmingly powerful fighter that uses Vale Tudo. Undefeated for four years in the professional circuit, *WarMachine*was once a respected and feared Vale Tudo fighter. However, *WarMachine* was expelled from the professional ranks after being linked to a minor scandal. Bitter against his peers and society, Craig’s wrath consumed his soul.

Entrance: Later

Entrance theme:


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