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The Renagade Arrives....

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1 The Renagade Arrives.... on Thu Dec 16, 2010 5:44 pm

The camera fades in as the moon shines in the distance. The camera then shifts it's focus and concentrates on a custodian standing what appears to be the parking lot for the industrial arena. All of sudden a car speeds into the parking lot and drifts perfectly into an empty space. The car engine goes silent as an unknown character opens the door, gets out then shuts it behind him. From where the camera is we can only see the back of the mystery man. He begins to walk over towards the custodian while a leather bag sways on his shoulder.

Unknown man: Hey, you. Is this Archetype Wrestling?

Custodian: Uh. yes sir it is.

The man shifts his weight and stands in such a way to show off his happiness.

Unknown Man: Well, Well, well. I'm finally here. Get ready ATW...because today you will witness the start of a reign of destruction led by yours truly.

The man steps past the custodian and walks towards the elevator. The custodian glances towards the blue and silver car reading the words "Smooth Criminal" on it's side. The custodian's face changes to a shocked expression.

Custodian: It's him ... IT'S HIM ... The Renegade!

The camera turns from the custodian and focuses on the words "Smooth Criminal" on the side of the car before fading to black.

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