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If You Don't Evolve, You Die

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1 If You Don't Evolve, You Die on Sat Oct 08, 2011 12:02 pm

As the shot moves through the devilish maze that is the basement level of the ATW Industrial Complex, pained grunts of exertion can be heard, echoing through the hallways. Eventually, the camera reaches the source of the sounds, the training room of ATW's ReEvolution Champion, Adam Nedman. The camera enters the training room, the door already open, to find Nedman, literally slumped forward, near exhaustion, leaning against the limbs of the wooden sparring dummy that had moments ago been the recipient of a barrage of savage strikes. Coated in a liberal layer of sweat, Nedman is wearing his usual training garb of only a pair of long and baggy shorts and tape on his hands and feet. Both his knees are heavily strapped, as if the bandages are the only thing holding his knees together. With a nod of his head, he beckons the camera crew closer.
Nedman: So Ghetto Blaster tells me that the hunter has become the hunted, huh. I wish I had a penny for every time somebody told me that. I could buy a Mars bar or something. Seriously, Blaster, you think with all the championships I've won over my long and storied career, with all the titles I've held over the years, with all the big names I've beaten in all the organisations I've been in, that I've never been the hunted before. Each and every one of those accomplishments is a bullseye on my chest, or in your case, a target on my back to be stabbed. I've been the hunted far more often than I've ever been the hunter. I'm prize game.
He takes a moment to adjust his stance, in a seemingly vain attempt to find a more comfortable position.
Nedman: The thing about being such highly sought prey is that you develop ways to survive, methods of defending yourself against whatever supposed predator fancies you for his lunch. Today that supposed predator is you, Ghetto Blaster, and all because I have that.
He points over to the ReEvolution Championship belt, hanging on a bar on the wall.
Nedman: Well my preferred method of survival, I guess is a bit of a cliché. The best defence is a good offence. You ask me how I can climb a ladder when I can't even walk. To that I would say, how can you climb a ladder when you can't breathe? How can you climb a ladder when you're lying face down on the canvas after I've choked you out?
With that, Nedman uses all his upper body strength to push himself off the sparring dummy and grabs onto a wallbar to keep himself upright as he walks away. The shot fades out.

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