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1 MATCHES!!!11!oneoneone on Thu Oct 06, 2011 1:26 pm

SuPeR vs Johnny Misfits (2 out of 3 Submission Match)
Tag Championships Match: (c)The Killaz (Crimson Wrath and Disturbed Demon) vs. Machine and Xander Styles
Synthetic Breed Championship Match: Vivica Lockhart Vs Era Dynamics (Ladder Match)*
Demanufacture Championship Match: Defjam vs Hack3r (Hardcore Match)
ReEvolution Championship Match: Adam Nedman vs Ghetto Blaster (Ladder Match)
World Archetype Championship Match: Eternal Eclipse vs. Voltzandre (Ladder Match)
Tournament Final: William Eagle vs AnthraX (Last Blood)

RPs in by Friday,october 7th at 12:00 TWG time please

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