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Swinging for the fences

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1 Swinging for the fences on Tue Oct 04, 2011 8:27 am

Ghetto's music blasts. Ghetto walks in to the arena and heads down to the ring as boos are heard all over the arena.
Connor Danielson: Listen to that crowd airing their dislike of Ghetto's actions as of late.
Christian Ghost: I like his game plan. He's showing that he has what it takes to throw Adam off his game.
Connor Danielson: How? By trying to end a man's career with baseball shots to the knees?
Christian Ghost: Hey all I can say is it's hard to climb a ladder when you can't walk.
Ghetto gets in the ring and grabs the mic.
GB: Now all week people have been blowing up my email, calling my pimp phone, asking me why I said I had Adam's back. I did. I cracked him in the back of the knee to be honest. I said I was about the money and I am. The cash prize is at the PPV. I will destroy what's left of Adam and get my championship.
Christian Ghost: Preach Ghetto
GB: Adam, you've been on a roll and let's face it. I'm the real hitman in this company. I know you're watching me with hate in your eyes, thinking how you can possibly beat this man when you can't walk. And in a ladder match. Just hand me the belt now and save yourself some pain. Pimp out

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