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The mission is at hand( the opening to Fear Factory)

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The opening intro to Fear factory ends and the camera shifts to the arena as it slowly maneuvers from the roaring crowd, suddenly a spotlight shines and the crowd explodes in boos as Naven X stands in the middle of the ring. The camera zooms closer to his face, his eyes are closed as he listens to the crowd and then slowly opens his eyes and begins to grin and the crowd boos become deafening.
Naven X: Edge of Insanity is upon us, for we will all witness history once again, history never before seen. History never to be repated.
Flames explode on the four corners of the fire surprising the ringside audience
Naven X: The trial by fire tournament has been the most brutal tournament ever seen in pro-wrestling and it has come down to two men who have a chance of receiving an opportunity of a lifetime.

Naven X:championship are being defended, so may win.some may lose but in the end someone will walk out champion!

Naven X grin and talk a look at the dim lighted crowd

Naven X: As for me, My mission is coming, my mission shall now be complete at Edge of Insanity, no one can't stop me and no one will!...and in 4 days, will make sure something will end and another will begin at EDGE OF SANITY!!

Naven X lowers his head and the crowd boos rumbles the arena, and the spotlight dims out, the light open and Naven is nowhere to be found..

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