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the resurrection

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1 the resurrection on Fri Sep 30, 2011 9:57 pm

The scene comes in inside of a packed arena, and it's an air of extreme rippling through the air. A match has just ended and the crowd is excited and wanting more. There are highlights from the previous week’s Fear Factory playing on the titantron.Connor Danielson and Christian Ghost are doing the Commentate and couldn’t be more happy.

Connor Danielson: It’s been one hell of a night here in the Archetype wrestling Federation. There’s been a lot of action that we’ve been having so far and I for one couldn’t have asked for a more exciting match up than the one we just had right here tonight. And this is only just the beginning folks. There’s a lot more action in store for you all tonight, right here, in that very ring. You know Christian, this is just what I was talking about only moments ago about the level of competition here in this company. With titles on the line even on shows like the up coming Edge of Sanity, things will just continue to get more and more heated. Just like you when you get a peek inside of the Women’s Locker room Christian.

Christian Ghost:
Yeah, but can you blame me Conor? I mean with beauties runnin’ around left and right, what’s a man to do but get heated? I mean look at who we’ve GOT in this company? Vivica Lockhart, the ever lovely but oh so strong Era Dynamics, and then there’s that cute lee Uzumaki, I mean there’s puppies and puppies and puppies galore in this place.

Connor Danielson:
Christian, don’t you realize that every woman you just named would kick your butt in a heartbeat? I mean Era Dynamics, there’s one woman I would NOT like to meet in a dark alleyway, even IF I had thirty five bodyguards and knew karate.

Christian ghost: well, Era can have her way with me if she likes. She can beat me like a piece of meat any time, any place and anywhere Connor. She can get a hold of me and melt me like butter.

Suddenly, the lights start to pulse and a dark voice can be heard saying, "Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are." A bird screeches and a flaming object streaks down towards the stage and falls there with a huge explosion of flames. The flames go out suddenly, and the sound of "Forsaken" by David Draiman starts blaring over the PA. A red circle of light appears on the side of the stage where the flames were as a large cloud of smoke comes billowing up out of the stage, and a feminine figure rises slowly in the center of the circle. She's wearing black patent leather trench coat that's buttoned only at the throat. Underneath she's wearing a silver chain mail camisole shirt over a black lace bra and black patent leather pants, with black leather knee high boots with buckles going up the sides. Her hair is hanging in long black waves with blood red streaks, slightly obscuring her face, along with black sunglasses on her eyes which obscure the rest. She stands there for a moment, her head lowered slightly, her hands clasp in front of her body, her black nails visible against the pale skin of her flesh. She looks around slowly, the movement revealing a large antiqued Celtic Cross dangling just between her breasts.

Connor Danielson: What an amazing entrance! I’ve never seen anything like this, but I’ve got one thing to ask you Christian… Who in all of the red and blue and green hells is this? You know all of the Divas in this company Christian. Do you know who this woman is?

Christian ghost: I haven’t the slightest idea of just who she is Connor. But she’s hot! And I do mean SMOKIN’! Literally! She does look familiar though.

The smoke starts to clear and the lights pop on, but the woman keeps her head down and allows her hair to obscure her face for a moment longer as the music continues to blare over the speakers. She finally lifts her head up and reveals to the world that the woman is none other than The missionary of violence herself, Era Dynamics. She purses her dark purple painted lips and nods slowly as an evil smile spreads across her face slowly revealing a long set of double fangs. The smile fades and an almost cold expression slips down on her face. She stands there for a moment before walking down the ramp to the ring and standing at one of the corners at the base of the steps looking around at the screaming crowd.


Connor Danielson:
I don’t’ know Christian, but she looks good. Creepy, but good. Did I see fangs when she smiled? Oohh, she can bite me anyday.

As Era's music continues to play, Era slowly walks up the stairs before entering the ring and walking to the center to stand there and continue to look around. She climbs onto each turnbuckle and stands there, her face an almost expressionless mask as the crowd goes wild before climbing down to go to the next one slowly. Her music comes to an end, and she motions for a stage hand to toss her a microphone. She catches it and leans her head down, her hair obscuring her face once again as she turns around and sits on a turnbuckle, and sits there, looking around at the still hyped up crowd and keeps an expressionless look on her face. When they finally die down, Era doesn't move from the turnbuckle, just brings a mic to her lips.

Era Dynamics: I know what you’re all thinking. You’re all sitting there wondering what brings me back to this place. What makes me want to return the place where all of my hopes, all of my dreams, my heart, my emotions, my life, my everything was ripped from me and thrown on the ground like so much stinking refuse. What would draw me back to this place where everything that mattered to me was laughed at, spit upon, crushed into the dirt under the boot heel of fate and left to rot and decay like a piece of stinking road kill, crushed flat until it’s just ground meat and left out on the side of the road. What would make ME even CONSIDER stepping one foot back into this place where I was lied to, manipulated, used and then tossed aside like a useless unused tampon on the last day of a teenaged girl’s cycle. What would make me even fathom a desire to come back to this place of pain and mental torture, filled with so much emotional baggage and filth for me. What would make me step back into this squared circle? What? What, what, what, what, WHAT WOULD MAKE ME DO THAT?!!!

Era clenches her hands slowly into fists as she growls out the last words. An emotion finally ripples across her face and that emotion is rage. It is there for a moment and is just as quickly is gone again. She hangs her head as the expressionless mask slips back over her face.

Christian Ghost: Yeah,Connor. What would make her come back here? the man she loved and was supposed to marry, stabbed her in the back and had let her fight against the dark creatures of the night, her mind became corrupted by the dark energy here. I mean Why WOULD she come back here? Hell, I wouldn’t have come back after all of that.

Connor Danielson: I have no idea Christian. Your guess is as good as mine. But I will say this much… This woman is scaring me. I think I just crapped my shorts.

Era takes a slow deep breath, then rolls her head around on her neck before bringing the microphone back to her lips.

Era Dynamics: So, since I’ve established that I know the question on each and every little mind out there, including all of the folks in the back is “What in the hell brings Era back with everything that has gone on?” Well the answer to that question is… Unfinished Business. That’s right, Unfinished Business. I’ve got unfinished business within this company. I came into this company with a dream of being the Champion. Not just the World Archetype Championship, not just the Evolution Championship but THE SYNDICATE Champion, and I put those dreams on hold for… Well let’s just say for what turned out to be a stupid reason. But now, that need, that desire, that want, that drive to hold that gold is back and more intense than ever. And now there’s nothing holding Me back from obtaining that title that has been so elusive for so long.

Era looks up into the air and breathes deeply, raising a hand up slowly and clenching it into a fist before bringing it down to her chest and clenching the Celtic cross dangling between her breasts in her hand.

Christian Ghost: Wow, and here I thought she was coming back for revenge against Phenom the Vampire lord for treating her like crap and walking out on her.

Connor Danielson: hush Christian. Don’t remind her of anything bad. I value MY life even if you don’t.

Era finally jumps down from the turnbuckle and slowly walks towards the cameraman, her pale face still an emotionless mask.

Era Dynamics: So, what happen these past few months? I’ve been to hell and back! I went through tests and trials that would make you wince and cringe and scream and wonder how I survived. I put my body through all manner of tortures, my mind through helacious and tormenting visions, all so that I could prepare myself in mind, body, and soul to step back into this arena and face those things that once made me feel. I did what was necessary to purge my heart of those dreaded emotions and turn it into the hardened lump of stone that a fallen one should possess. Emotions are a trivial thing next to power, and true power is what I have gained through the relinquishments of the needs of lesser flesh. I have a heart as cold as ice and the only emotions I still possess are those two that are needed to succeed in my goal of being the ATW Champion and those are hate and rage. Everything else means nothing to me.

Christian Ghost: Well, for a cold heartless bitch, she sure is hot.

Connor Danielson:
Christian you just like playing with fire you pyromaniac freak.

Era motions the cameraman closer, and he shakes his head in fear. Era grabs the with a growl and holds the end of it to her face with one hand as she reaches up and removes her sunglasses slowly revealing her blood red and black eyes. You can hear the cameraman whimpering in fear as she brings the microphone back to her lips.

Era Dynamics: I was left beaten, broken, lifeless, useless, a discarded husk just thrown aside and unwanted. I left this company and went home like a crying little bitch, whining and sniveling about what I lost and how hurt and upset I was about everything that had happened to me. I cried, I sobbed, I wailed, and then… and then I got wise and I stopped. I got a phone call from a friend and it woke me up from the self-pity party I was wallowing in and I realized just who in the hell I was and just what I was capable of. I am not about to play second fiddle to anyone again. Those moments when I was left in this very ring to lie there with my hopes and my dreams dashed against the rocks of despair everything within me died. Everything that was good and wholesome was stripped away from me. All of those Suzie-Homemaker thoughts, all of those wants of getting married and being a good wife to Phenom the vampire lord… Oh wait, that’s right, he’s not going by that anymore. All of those desires of being the best damn partner in the world with Jack Johnson… they went up like a puff of smoke. And from the ashes there arose a brand new creature. A creature was formed from that broken shell of a woman I was, born of rage and hatred and contempt and pain and suffering. Like the legendary phoenix of old, from what I once was, a identity of someone with the likes of which none have ever seen before climbed screaming and fighting it’s way to the surface from the depths of a world of heartache and torturous emotions. It’s birth cries so terrible to hear as it scrambles to emerge beautiful and devastating and terrible to behold, and ready to make the world of the Archetype Wrestling Federation tremble before her feet!! I’m ready and willing and most definitely able to do what I should have done in the first place and take that title and claim it as MY OWN!!

Christian ghost: I swear Connor, I could hear that cameraman’s knees knocking from all the way over here.

Connor Danielson: That’s not the cameraman’s knees King, that MY knees. She scares the hell out of me.

Era releases the camera and places her glasses back onto her eyes, taking a step back. She straightens her coat, brushes minuscule flecks of dust off of her sleeves and straightens her Celtic cross that dangles on her chest and breathes deeply once more before bringing the microphone back to her lips.

Era Dynamics: Now, it’s been brought to my attention that the first obstacle that has been brought up in front of me is one Vivica Lockhart.

Era looks to the left and then to the right and shakes her head

Era Dynamics: You’ve got to be freaking kidding me. Isn’t this the girl who thinks she’s a power ranger? Now I’ve sat up and watched television for hours on end before, and even used to watch the power rangers when I was growing up, but this is bordering on the ridiculous. I mean what’s he gonna do? Morph in the middle of the match and then have me grow up to a enormous size so he can call his zord out and try to blow me up? Sorry Vivica, but this ain’t no kid’s television show, and I’m not about to take it easy on you cause you’re having delusions of being a super hero. And this isn’t gonna have a happy ending for the hero where she comes out of this without a scratch or she wins the guy or he saves the world or some other stupid ass bullshit like that. All this is going to end up being is an ass whopping for you Vivica. A very bad ass whooping at that. Do you have any idea the amount of pain you’re about to be put through Vivica? You are nothing but a roadblock for me, and I’m a mack truck barreling on through at seventy-five miles an hour. I’m not gonna stop and try and pick you up along the way just because I might have hurt you. You’re nothing to me. You’re just in the absolute wrong place at the worst possible time. And if I were you Vivica, I’d be quite angry at the bosses for pitting you against the likes of me, especially at a time like this. Even better. Go and thank phenom for the pain and torture I’m about to put you through. I know I certainly am, because without him, this whole transformation couldn't have taken place. Oh, and don’t think that if you just lay down and give me the win that I’ll go easy on you cause that ain’t EVEN about to fly with me. Try to take a dive and the ass whoopin’ is just going to be worse. I don’t play that petty ass bullcrap like some of these other wrestlers out here who shall remain nameless.

Era takes a few steps back and cracks an evil smile again, her double fangs glinting in the lights.

Era Dynamics: So Phenom, thank you for showing me my true self. Thank you for bringing out the side of me I tried so hard to keep in check so that I wouldn’t frighten you. Thank you for letting loose all of the potential that went unused for so very long. Thank you for unleashing on the ATW a demon the likes of which they have never, EVER seen before. Thank you for turning loose on this company the true face of The Angel of Darkness, Era Dynamics. So for all of you in the back, prepare yourselves. All hell is about to break loose and there’s not a damn thing you can do to stop it.

Era tosses the microphone over her shoulder as her music hits and goes from turnbuckle to turnbuckle climbing it and giving that same emotionless expression as the crowd goes nuts.

Christian Ghost: Well, that went better than I expected.

Connor Danielson: By God, did you see the look on her face? What depths of evil has this woman delved into to change the sweet young beauty she used to be into this fiend that is standing in that ring? I for one never would have expected something this drastic from this young woman.

Christian Ghost: Yeah, but for a scary evil chick, she’s still hot as hell! Get it Connor? Hot as hell. HA HA!!

Connor Danielson:
sometimes I just don’t get you. But the question is, will this young lady get what she wants and make it past the up and coming Vivica Lockhart or Rayne or with what alt she will come and get her first win in the title match? we will see at EDGE OF SANITY !!

The shot closes in on Era as she exits the ring and walks up the ramp. She turns around one last time and smiles evilly baring her fangs as the feed ends.

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