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A Weird Feeling

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1 A Weird Feeling on Tue Sep 27, 2011 5:11 am

The camera focusses on the GYM of the Mafia. William Eagle is seen weight lifting. It looks to be about 200 pounds of weight on the bar. He seems to be struggling with the last rep. He pushes up the bar slowly. He finally gets it back to the safety. He gets up and wipes the sweat on his face. William Eagle is about to start doing push ups when he noticed the camera in the room.

Will Eagle: Oh, Hello ATW Fans. It seems like this is a hidden agenda brewing up in the federation. I have a feeling something is up. That is why am going to be keeping my eyes open to anything and everything. So, whatever is happen I hope you don't believe that your be able to achieve it. Cause I will be watching with four eyes.

The camera zooms out to notice an eagle fly into the room and onto shoulder of William Eagle. The sound of Eternal Eclipse can be heard echoing throughout the Mafia locker room.

Will Eagle: Am over here Eclipse.

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2 Re: A Weird Feeling on Tue Sep 27, 2011 5:28 am

*EE almost completely ignores William when he steps in the room. He is on his phone arguing with someone*

Eternal Eclipse: I thought I made my self clear on this!... I need this though! Without it i might lose the most important thing in my life... I don't want to here it.

*EE hangs up the phone and chucks it at a wall. Smashing it entirely.*

Eternal Eclipse: Sorry you had to hear most of that Will. It has not been a dashing week for me.

*He sits down on one of the benches in the room.*

Eternal Eclipse: Things have gotten out of hand for me.

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3 Re: A Weird Feeling on Tue Sep 27, 2011 5:53 am

Will Eagle: Tell me about it. I have been busy with everything. This business is insane. Well, it seems like I have to contact the cellphone company to get you a new one again. That's ok, The Mafia gets free merchandise from Rogers. So, we have to catch up. Do you feel something weird going on too?

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4 Re: A Weird Feeling on Tue Sep 27, 2011 6:31 am

Eternal Eclipse: Exactly. It feels like everything that has transpired recently has been leading onto something big to happen. I just don't know what. I guess the only thing we can do is wait and hope for the best.

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5 Re: A Weird Feeling on Tue Sep 27, 2011 1:01 pm

Will Eagle: We could do that or we could keeped our eyes peeled at all times. I believe we have a traitor amongst us. We should go inform DefJam and Ghetto Blaster about all this. I suspect the 2 others to not be as loyal. We will keep our eyes on them as much as possible.

(ooc. we don't write about telling DJ and GB, but it's a way to closer my part out. You can finish it if you want.)

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6 Re: A Weird Feeling on Wed Sep 28, 2011 2:15 am

*EE raises interest*

Eternal Eclipse: The other two? Are you saying that there is more than ONE rat in this family. That cannot be tolerated.

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