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The hunter as become the hunted

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1 The hunter as become the hunted on Sat Sep 24, 2011 6:18 pm

Camera comes in as Pandora is walking to the parking lot. A 2012 Charger pulls up in arena and Ghetto blaster steps outta the car.

Pandora: Ghetto Ghetto

GB: yes

Pandora: You have been the topic of discussion all over the ATW website and some other places saying if you are crazy or if you signed your own death warrent going after Adam like that?

GB: Really are you serious? Adam look at me everyone looks at you as the unstoppable six billion dollar man but not me i just knock you back to reality. Look into the eyes of the man that paid off the Board of Directors to become the number one contender for that belt remember my face you will be seeing alot of it in the weeks to come. Adam you have always been the hunter now you are the hunted when you least expect it you will be lay out in the ring again dont worry the attacks when stop when the Mafia has that title and I prove that you can be defeat.

Pandora: So you planned on giving cheat shots til you have a better chance of beating him but isn't that cheating?

GB: Why do you kept talking shut up before my girls have a talk with you now I have to go I have to meet with rest of the Mafia.

Ghetto walks off laying Pandora looking upset holding the mic.

Pandora: There you have it folk Ghetto is planning to destory adam Mafia style til he the new champ will he win or will he be another victim of Adam in ring skills.

camera fades out

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