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the Angel of Darkness unleashed

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1 the Angel of Darkness unleashed on Fri Sep 23, 2011 3:48 pm

The scene slowly fades in. We see a bell tower, and pigeons go flying by. A lone figure sits on a ledge, looking down on the crowds below that don't even realize that they are being watched as they walk in the rain. Umbrellas are being popped out as people step out of cars and buildings. The shot pops back up to the bell tower and the bell is slowly swinging as the birds wings brush up against it. The camera zooms in on the lone figure, dressed in a long black trench coat and a vinyl cat suit, knee high platform boots, with buckles running down the side, and a PVC corset strapped tightly around the waist. The rain has drenched the person, and water is dripping down the jet balck hair, and the camera pans down to zoom in on a her hand. The water is dripping off of a single finger, and a voice over is heard.
Era Dynamics: The war is just getting started between Vivica Lockhart and I. Things are getting exciting as the day of our clash grows closer. We've both done what was necessary to get to this point. I have won the Number One Contenders position for my title. And although Travis Touchdown has done well so far, he has failed in the last match to do the one thing that is absolutely necessary in order gain the title he so badly desires... And that is to beat me.
The camera pans up, and we see era's face has once more taken on that strange pasty look, with the red reptilian eyes and the fangs. She is looking down on the crowd, scanning it for someone.
Era Dynamics: I have been accused of not being worthy of the title that I want. I have been accused of that and so much more. I have been accused of not being able of successfully getting my title, even though I have come so far already. I have been accused of that and so much more, even though these accusations are baseless, formed on no merit what so ever. These accusations have done nothing but fueled the desire burning deep within me to make examples of my opponents. They have increased my desire to keep the war that is being waged between myself and those who want to keep me from succeeding at the goals which I have set forth for myself. NavenX is just another one of those worthless clowns who are in my way. Anthrax is high up on my list... But for now, my focus is on Vivica Lockhart.
Era Dynamics's eyes light up as she finally catches the face in the crowd that she was looking for. Vivica Lockhart is walking in the rain, the collar of her jacket turned up, and a magazine open over her head to try and keep as much of the rain off of her as possible, though it is doing no good. Era sees that the magazine she has open is the ATW magazine that she had the honor of gracing the cover of. Across her face is written the word 'LOSER', and the ink is starting to run from the rain, marring her features in the picture. Era Dynamics bares her fangs, and smiles evilly.
Era Dynamics: And now, the stage is set. The time has come for me to once again step into the realm where I reign supreme as Synthetic Breed Champion. It is time for me to step into the ring, and get my title. It is time for me to unleash the Angel of Darkness that lays in wait within me, to allow everything that has been building to overflow and engulf my opponent in a fury of pain and suffering. Agony unimaginable is your future Vivica. Pain unlike no other is your destiny. And a loss handed to you once again by me is your fate. The future is staring you dead in the eye, and her name is Era Dynamics! I am the true Champion material, and I shall be THE Champion. You are walking straight into the hands of your executioner. So, I will see you soon. Very soon. At none other than...
Era Dynamics suddenly jumps down off the ledge, 5 stories up, dropping straight down to the ground, and landing on her feet, to stroll off into the waiting crowds.
Era Dynamics: EDGE OF SANITY!!!
Era Dynamics gets lost in the crowd, and the scene slowly fades.

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