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Plan B now fellas

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1 Plan B now fellas on Wed Sep 21, 2011 11:44 pm

Voltzandre is walking talking on the phone in backstage as the camera focus on him, He is wearing his black jeans without shirt the camera gets near to him to hear the conversation
Voltzandre: Ok.. Ok.. Ok.. you have everything written down or you are making this things up
Voltzandre walks a little bit around
Voltzandre: Wait so Im going to surprise him thats nice how you fixed all this to happen tonight
The mourmuring can be heard from the phone
Voltzandre: Yeah thanks, So they are never going to know what happened to their little group thats amazing now that William Eagle "Beated" Super yesterday haha He actually believed that he "beated" Super. That giant piece of muscle is very hard to beat and that piece...
Voltzandre notices the cameraman and throw a super kick to the Camera breaking it.

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