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Eagle In Familar Territory

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1 Eagle In Familar Territory on Wed Sep 21, 2011 4:41 am

The camera focuses on the dark surroundings of the rafters. An eagle's caw can be heard echoing throughout the rafters. As the camera keeps walking, William Eagle can be seen. He is wearing his trademark jeans and hoodie. The eagle is perched on one of the rails.
William Eagle: Oh, Hello ATW Universe. I admit I haven`t been myself lately, but after a couple of talks with the boss and mafia members, I feel better. You know what, I feel amazing. Now that I'm back on the winning record and going somewhere. I believe that the Eagle is in his element. I see something in my future, a new destination. On this flight, there is only one way and that is only a golden path. I have one thing to anyone in this path. I will stop at nothing to succeed. I will die inside that ring. So I say, you can bring on the speciality matches. For this is my destiny to succeed and win from this point on.
The lights in the rafter flicker off and back on. All that can be seen is the Eagle on the rail. With one more flicker of lights, the eagle too is gone. The cameras fade to back.

(occ. sorry I don't really feel a detailed rp, but these creative short ones will make up for it.)

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