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The Fantasy based wrestling federation of TWG

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1 MATCHES!!!11!oneoneone on Tue Sep 20, 2011 12:23 am

Johnny Misfits vs. Abyssos (Steel Cage Match)
Kalinin vs Fish (Steel Cage Match)
Schembro vs Spadack (Last Man Standing Match)
Machine vs Estranged (Last Man Standing Match)
Eternal Eclipse vs Fists of Wind (Last Man Standing Match)
Phenom The Vampire Lord vs Chaos Starter (Last Man Standing Match)
Chuckles the Clown vs Arctic Terror (played by Lycan) (Last Man Standing Match)
ThunderDownUnder vs Alexander Ritter (Last Man Standing Match)
Defjam vs Alparslan (Last Man Standing Match)
Dark Match featuring AnthraX and Hack3r

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