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No One Can Stop Me. (To Be Placed After Me and Era's Joint RP and This is to be my entrance for my match)

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The scene fades into the ATW Arena. The fans are excited and raring to continue the show. Then all of a sudden, all the lights in the arena turn off, No noises is heard. Then the lights situated around the titantron/stage area begin to flash randomly as 'Demons' by Tech N9ne begins blaring over the arena. The titantron then begins to play a video clip of the proclaimed 'Unstoppable One', showing his strongest moves. The crowd give a mixed reaction as he appears in his wrestling attire. He walks down the ramp with a microphone in hand. He enters the ring and the music fades.
Jack Johnson: Last week I told the ATW faithful that this season would be a repeat of last season, I told you that this season, I would decimate and utterly destroy any opponent that management would throw at me. Let me ask you this Ladies and Gentlemen... WAS I WRONG?!
A loud NO! is heard from the fans. UJJ just smiles.
Jack Johnson: And now, Phenom decides to put me in a non-title match, with the Synthetic Breed Champion. She, along with everyone else here, is a total nut-job but that doesn't change anything. It doesn't change the fact that I will plant her face into the mat with a JKO and even when the match is over, I will pick her up, and I will do it again and again, until she is literally not moving at all. Do you all know WHY I will do so?
Jack pauses momentarily as the crowd wait for the answer.
Jack Johnson: Because then I will have fulfilled my duty as a manager to Era Dynamics. You see a manager's job is to look out for their client's best interests and to make the ride to success as easy and as smooth as possible. Well Era's best interest is to become champion. By taking out the champion, I am making Era's journey to the top VERY smooth. But that isn't the only reason. I'm also sending a statement. I'm also an active competitor and that means that I have to look out for my best interests too. I could go for a championship, but I have a better goal. I will defeat every champion here, Starting with Rayne.
Jack Johnson throws down the microphone and await's Rayne's entrance and the match to begin.

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"Bad Broad" by Chrome Division blast through the speakers as Rayne walks on stagewith a microphone at hand...

\Vivica:You got to be kidding me?!

she slowly walks down the ramp ignoring the errupt crowd with her Synthetic Breed Champion on her shoulder

Vivica: First of all if you are going to call me out, make sure you get my name right!...My name is Vivica Lockhart!

the crowd begin to look confused..

Danelson: I thought she wanted to be called Rayne?..

Ghost: Shh!!...Vivica's Talking!!

Vivica: And second, the only nut job around here is you facing me!...I dont know how long you been here which make me futher know that your nothing close to my level of greatness!!

Vivica walks up the steps and enters the ring..

Vivica: and another thing, your quest in beat every champ here will end before it begins..because you have messed with the wrong B!**H!!..

Vivica throws the mic to the crowd and purposely hits a fan in the head and knocks him out!...she removes her jacket andhands the title over to the refere and begins the match!!

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