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A Old Veteran Returns to the Ring

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1 A Old Veteran Returns to the Ring on Wed Sep 07, 2011 4:07 pm

The sound of Thunderstruck errupts the arena.
Christian Ghost: I have heard that music before, it cant be.
Connor Danielson: Wow its ThunderDownUnder, the old General Manager of Junkyard Wrestling.
Christian Ghost: Where has he been, and what are his intentions here in ATW?
Connor Danielson: Maybe he has come to stir things up, just like how he was famous for in his early years.

ThunderDownUnder makes his way down to the ring. The crowd cheering mostly but some boo's are heard around the arena.
He makes his way around the ring, high fiving the kids while making his way up the metal stairs and into the ring.
Christian Ghost: Gee he still looks fit and just as good as his 1st day in TWG wrestling
ThunderDownUnder: G'day (crowd cheering). Some of you may know me, some of you may not know me. Let me give you a brief run down on who i am. Im ThunderDownUnder and i heritage from NewZealand but call Australia home. After early teen years of growing up on the streets and resorting to fighting and criminal ways i Decided to turn a new leaf and i became a Croc Handler. After many years i was well known around Australia for my talents in wrestling crocodiles. Hence i was recruited into Wrestling.
I have been a General Manager of the famous Federation Junkyard Wars Wrestling and bring to ATW my leadership, and experience. I have decided to make my return back to the ring as a long stint away from the wresting scene due to a new family. I couldnt resist the urge to come back after the Phenom contacted me during the week, and here i stand now.

The crowd cheers Thunder
Connor Danielson: I havent heard a reception like this in a while....
ThunderDownUnder: But tonight? Apparently tonight I get to compete in what the boys in the back call a squash match where i stand no chance against ________ for the _________ title.But none of that is important at the moment, lemme get to that later. Let's talk about... looking like a champion.
Now, we've got guys holding the titles that look like champions with their Hollywood good looks or their outrageous hairstyles, but hey, I don't need to look like an idiot to look like a champion.Now, the first step to becoming a champion is not looking the part however. In order to hold some gold, you need to surround yourself with people who talk like champions, act like champions, and this only goes for one of the people, but wrestle like champions as well. Which is why I aligned myself with _____________.
Step two and three, I already have down. Speaking and wrestling like a champion, something that only few people can actually get down. Me? I've been told by plenty of you sheep that I'm the total package, and while I thank you for that, who the hell are you to me?
Are you giving me Title matches? Do you cheer me when I walk to the ring? Why the hell am I even asking you people questions when I'm in this business for the advancement of me.
But, I don't knowq whether to believe you people have great taste or not, because you guys like ______ and _______, so I doubt it.
ATW is pretty much just one giant competition for the next flavor of the month. Whenever one guy comes around with good wrestling skills, but can't talk for crap, he's automatically main event material, or even vice versa. You peo- no, that's not the right word to describe you, what you are is sheep-le. Mindless little people who follow around these guys who act like complete idiots, but in sheep fashion.
Now, to quote a great man, "It's not my fault," because I've never been in a Deathmatch, I'm not some no-named attempted murderer trying to destroy my opponent's careers. What I am though, is a champion-looking, known worldwide wrestler trying to desroy my opponent's careers." [Another grin, this time due to just being an asshole, something ThunderDownUnder MADE in wrestling.] "So, whether you idiotic sheep-le like it, love it, or down right hate it, sooner or later,i will be champion and hold the _________ title belt.


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2 Re: A Old Veteran Returns to the Ring on Wed Sep 07, 2011 10:11 pm

I think you need to put colors in before Hack3r kills you. Just giving a heads up Wink

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I think you should read the rp formatting rules before hacker kills you xD

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let him finish it first

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