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1 Matches!!!!111!oneoneone on Sun Sep 04, 2011 9:41 am

Greetings people. Here's the lineup for the first show of the new season; Fear Factory 1 will air on september 14th. Please try and send in your RPs by Monday, September 12th.
Fear Factory 1
Dark Match: Chris "Action" Jackson vs. Tyr
Naven X vs. Jack Mannequin (last man standing)
VD vs. Alexander Ritter (Last Man Standing)
William Eagle vs. Estranged (last Man Standing)
SuPeR vs The Riddler (Last Man Standing)
Machine vs Xander Styles (part of the 3 way tournament i talked about)
Era Dynamics vs Blackdoom
Jack Johnson vs Lycan
Eternal Eclipse and Adam Nedman vs. Crimson Wrath and Disturbed Demon

The Last Man standings are a part of the Trial By Fire tournament (winner of that tourny will get a match of his choosing against anyone at any time)
If you have any issues with the current lineup or anything else for that matter, pm me and we will work it out.
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