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Epic PPV advert.

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1 Epic PPV advert. on Sat Aug 27, 2011 12:50 pm

The camera turns on to show a small blue dot surrounded by black. The camera begins accelerating faster and faster. As the camera gets closer the blue dot begins to take shape. It's earth. Still speeding, we can see the world's countryside appearing below the camera. We see small shanti towns, large booming metropolis' and vast rainforests. This continues for 30 seconds until a large structure begins to come into view. It rises from the ground and continues to grow closer and closer until it becomes clear that it is the Industrial arena, home to ATW. The camera flies straight in through the front doors and begins to zoom down the corridors. On the way we see several of the ATW stars going about their daily business in the corridors. Travis Touchdown has his arm around Pandora, Hack3r is caught in a shoving fight with some man and Def-jam is stretching out. Twisting and turning down corridors the camera finally reaches its destination. It flies into Phenom's office and stops abruptly in his face. The General Manager smirks then begins to spin the camera so that we can see the rest of the surroundings in his office. This spinning gets faster and faster until the background becomes a multicoloured blob. This blob morphs into the box for the new ATW Dvd for its last PPV. The camera pans out to show that the newly formed picture is on the titan tron in the center of the arena. The crowd goes wild as the lights dim and a distinctive, low voice begins to speak.
Voice: Now, for only £19.99, You can own a part of history. And not a lame bit of french history. A bit of awesome, entertaining, bad-ass wrestling history. Order now and we'll even throw in a free promotional pack of playing cards. Each high quality playing card will have a top notch picture of your favourite super stars ...
The voice begins to whisper.
... and even some of your not-so-favourites...
The voice returns to normal.
... This is a one time offer, limited to only a few weeks so order now and the possibilities are endless! I've got to go now. I've got Brian Blessed, Tom Dickinson and Ted Williams coming over for a game of poker. Just imagine how amazing that conversation's going to sound.
The lights in the arena come back up and everything returns to normal.

OOC: If anyone has any issues with being mentioned then drop me a PM and let me know.

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