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release the inner demons (season 6 , fear factory 1)

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The scene opens in a room unadorned by furniture or pictures or windows. Just a door leading to the outside. In the center of the room is a pillow. Kneeling on the pillow is Era Dynamics. She wears only a Gothic dress without shoes on her feet. A symbol has been painted on the floor before her. She raises her arms out to her sides and begins to speak.

Era Dynamics: Tonight i call upon the forces of darkness. Take me to a place of peace and concentration. A place where i may think clearly and find the state of mind it will take to win in my match Bringing to Blackdoom absolute salvation. It aproaches quickly now. And i find that i need strength to defeat this opponents.

As Era Dynamics speaks the lights seem to be dimming.

Era Dynamics: Give me the power to stand and defeat Blackdoom. He is powerful and mighty. I need the knowledge to beat him. Bestow upon me the strength to make him falter, and relinquish the second spot. He shall know for ever more that the name Dynamics only spells despair and ruin for him in his days to pass.

The lights dim even more. Era Dynamics Silhouette is all that can be seen.

Era Dynamics: The Dark Blackdoom is strong and powerful. But please give us the power to do as we have predicted for ATW and gather on to me all the gold that ATW has to offer. Let me reign over this federation forever more and bring it to the pinnacle of the wrestling world. I beg this of you.

slowly the Room grows even darker making it near impossible to see Era Dynamics

Era Dynamics: So Blackdoom I am fairly new here. At heaven shall burn you have been thrown to the dogs my unaware friend. Phenom the vampire lord has sent you out to be destroyed by the demon child, and you have instilled in yourself the confidence that you think you can beat me. *Pauses* Perhaps you can. I wont play this underestimating game with you. Ill watch my back and take care to know what must be done. Many have come before you and fallen at my feet. So will be your fate at the Showdown. Many have learned that it isn't a good thing to mess with me. Just look at the past couple of shows and see if those names that I destroyed are still around here, you are a legend here and perhaps intimidating to some but like that will stop me from doing anything i damn well please.

The room has gotten very dark looking though there is still light in the room.

Era Dynamics: This is where i come to reach my inner beast. I sit here in the dark and allow the demons access to my soul. the door will be opened and i will go to the ring focused and ready to devour you. You will not be earning anything most of all respect from me, because your never going to get passed me.

The room reaches almost dark.

Era Dynamics: Throw whatever you like my way. And just as my Brothers and sisters of the Archetype wrestling federation have done, i will meet them all head on and defeat them easily. Your days are numbered here. For everyone of these challenges you throw at me, i will make you pay.

It is now extremely dark room. Only the red glow of 2 eyes looking towards the camera can be seen.

Era Dynamics: I am no where near afraid of you. You are a pathetic. You don’t have a chance of standing against one as twisted as I am. But I will take great pleasure in showing the gifts of the vampire lord. Those being the gifts of Pain, Blood, and Despair. I will make this match go on forever, and it will not end till you beg me to stop the pain. That’s right Blackdoom, I want to hear you say you give up. That you can no longer handle the pain. I want you to admit that you were greatly mistaken thinking you were going to stop me. The road you have chosen is a rough and desolate road. Once you embark upon it you will find no help and no escape. There are no places to turn around, and there are no ways off of it. And at the end of that road is ME!! I represent the Pain, and Despair you will feel when you leave the ring. I will take from you your will to fight, and your hope of being anything in this sport. I am the cream at the top. I am the unstoppable force awaiting you. The unmovable object. Your future is in my hands. Prepare to be devoured by the demon child. I lay here in my lair, letting the darkness make me whole. When I emerge, BE SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!Evil is Bred From the Dark, And In the Darkness Grows!!!!!

The eyes disappear and the scene goes to total black.

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