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EOA's biogarphy

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1EOA's biogarphy Empty EOA's biogarphy on Wed Dec 15, 2010 12:57 am

Executioner Of Anarchy

Executioner Of Anarchy
Wrestler Name: Executioner Of Anarchy
Wrestler Nickname: EOA
Wrestler Level: 19
Wrestler Type: strength
Wrestler Height: 8 "5"
Wrestler Weight: 299 pounds
Wrestler Age: Unknown
Face or Heel: heel
Wrestler Attitude: evil
Entrance:it seems like a thunder has just stroke!
Suddenly high flames light on, as though the �Tron was set to fire!
Executioner Of Anarchy makes his way to the ring
mounting a custom chopper
preceded by four druids wearing robes and carrying torches
Four lightnings hit the ringposts
Tag Team Partner in this fed:
Tag Team Name in this fed:
Willing to Tag: yea
Faction Name in this fed:
Wrestler's Origin: 3
Willingness to change from face to heel or heel to face: yea


Executioner Of Anarchy runs back to the ropes only to bounce back
he grabs his opponent quickly into a power bomb position and flips forward turning it into a mid-air piledriver crushing the opponents head executing a Death Note

History: Executioner Of Anarchy is a huge man standing at 8 feet 5 he is from a family of warriors dating as far as back to 580 B.C approximately 2,161 years ago. The first Warrior of his family fought in the Roman conquest of Europe his name none other than the great Juggertha he is unquestionably the best warrior the Romans ever had, his strength allowed him to pick up over 100 tonnes of weight at a time. Juggertha was also known to wield an axe that was capable of cutting through steal and smashing castles door's open. Him being the first Warrior In Executioner Of Anarchys family the rest of his family continued the tradition of becoming warriors aswell. But as times have changed and that is of years past none of EOA's family members have ever been as strong as Juggertha. Thus, EOA's modern family have become feared wrestlers,boxers,kick boxers, and mma fighters. EOA choosing to go down the path of becoming a wrestler.Undergoing rigorous strength training he is able capable of lifting 2 tones of weight although this is nothing compared to what Juggertha could do this is quite impressive in modern day. EOA excels at hand to hand combat and also carries an axe, this is in-fact the same axe Juggertha had used 2,000 years prior it has been passed down to him through the generations. EOA's family are all mortals however the training all his family members have forced themselves through has shaped there body's into a monster like form that any normal human couldn't possibly achieve. As EOA completed his training he joined up with a professional wrestling federation called ATW this where to this day he is contracted and wrestles at.

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EOA's biogarphy Hellix

Season One Best Fued Of the Season

The Darkness Vs A.A.T.O.

EOA's biogarphy Hellix

Season One Best Stable Of The Season

The Darkness

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Executioner Of Anarchy

Executioner Of Anarchy
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