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One last shot...

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1 One last shot... on Wed Aug 03, 2011 6:13 am

The lights in the arena dim down slowly. Eerie silence envelopes the arena.
Conner Danielson: What the hell is this?
A flicker appears on the Titan-tron. Eternal Eclipse fades into view. Around him is only blackness. His face shows intent and determination. His icy blue eyes chill the audience.
Eternal Eclipse: 5 seasons... I have been here 5 seasons in ATW. Not once have I held a championship, but I was given one title shot. I was ambitious then. I took on more than I thought I could handle. Tonight I am sure that Voltzandre is the one that stands between me and the road to become the greatest of all time. For too long I have been swept under the rug by this federation and by you people out here tonight. Today is the time I will end it all. Personal feelings aside, the only goal of tonight is winning.
Crowd remains mostly silent while some fans become restless and rowdy.
Eternal Eclipse: Heaven shall burn tonight in the wake of my dominance. You can call me a trailblazer if you will. That is too subtle of term. I want everyone in the world to recognize me and my talents... No matter the cost. This is my opportunity here tonight. Against someone who has been on near the top almost since the moment he got here. Voltzandre!-
The crowd gives off bottled emotion off with a mixed reaction towards Voltzandre
Eternal Eclipse: I have one message for you... This is only the beginning. Whether it is win or lose, I will not stop. I have never wanted something more in my life than that precious gold you carry around like nothing. Once I have acquired a taste for bloodlust it cannot be quenched easily. I have given up almost everything I had in my life to be here.
EE tone becomes more dominant and profound.
Eternal Eclipse: My family, my wealth, my riches, my cars, the women, the fame. Turned away for one chance to make a name for myself. My old life is gone as we know it. Now I give a farewell to you for now. As for now, prepare for the clash of the titans you will eventually succumb to tonight! This will be great.
The lights come back up as EE fades out and the arena is turned back to normal.

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