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Naven really Missing?

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1 Naven really Missing? on Tue Aug 02, 2011 2:41 am

The camera fades in to the eruption of screaming fans in the ATW arena...the lenes zoom down at Christian Ghost and Conner Danielson at ringside.

Conner Danielson: The crowd are in full swing to the action they will see tonight on Fear Factory!

The camera turns in every angles at the roaring crowd as they wave and hold up signs all over the arena

Conner Danielson: before we continue with the action, we would like to give you an update of one of our ATW Stars, The Renegade Naven X..As you know naven was sent to the hospital due to the horrific attack by no other than our General Manager Phenom the Vampire Lord during Naven's Madhouse Massacre Match against Valac..

Christain Ghost: then we recieved word from the weeks later that Naven was nowhere to be found in his hospital room and that he was missing since then!

Conner Danielson: Now we have an update from the offical of the investigation that they do not have the whereabouts of where Naven X is...they reviewed the security cameras in the hospital and has found no significant evidence of where Naven X left the hopital and as of this moment he is still missing..

Christain Ghost: I don't know where naven may be but I hope he finds his way back to ATW soon.

Conner Daneilson: You and me both my friend..Let's get back to the action!

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