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Encounter (open to def)

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1 Encounter (open to def) on Mon Aug 01, 2011 8:14 am

*The camera fades into the locker room to show Jack Ammo standing there. He grabs a towel and wipes his sweat of his forehead. He is Obviously neverous for his championchip match later tonight. He grabs his phone out of his locker. Checks his texts then walks out the door. He puts on his sunglasses and walks down the hall. One of the backstage workers wishes him good luck and he thanks him. He grabs a folding chair and opens it. He puts both of his hands over his face, but as he looks up he sees The Champ, Defjam walking by.*

Jack:Def! Hey i would just like to say before we go out there and mabey end our carrers, That no matter what happens we will always be friends. Oh and by the way, I saw what went on earlier tonight with Mr.Murder... If he comes out it would be my pleasure murdering him with you.

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2 Re: Encounter (open to def) on Wed Aug 03, 2011 4:31 am

Def-jam: listen, we will be friends but i have been working too hard all my career to get this title and i will be damned if i lose it to you tonight.
Def-jam begins to walk off but then stops.
Def-jam: and about mr.Murder, if i see him im going to kill him myself.... im sorry but its what i have to do alone.
He shuffles his title on his shoulder and walks toward the mafia locker room.

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